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E N V I R O N M E N T A L    S T U D I E S


There are a number of courses offered in the Faculty of Environmental Studies of an integrative nature which extend across the academic interests of the three units: Department of Geography, Department of Environment and Resource Studies, and School of Planning, as well as the Environment and Business Plan. The courses, except for those designated for Environment and Business students only, are of general interest and are open to all students at the University. Students interested in Environmental Studies are advised to consult the course offerings of the three individual units mentioned above.

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ENVS 100s

ENVS 102 LEC,TUT 0.50Course ID: 010089
Introduction to Environment and Business
Introduction of ways in which business has and is responding to environmental and business issues; business and sustainable development; issues of corporate/business greening.
Prereq: Environment and Business students only

ENVS 130 LEC,TUT 0.50Course ID: 011119
Professional Communication in Environmental Studies
This is a practical introduction to written and oral presentations and communications as they are used specifically in the environmental professions. Report writing, correspondence and interaction with the news media are among the forms of communication considered. Students complete written and oral assignments with considerable critical comment provided both on content and on technical aspects such as style and grammar.
(Cross-listed with PLAN 102)

ENVS 178 LEC,TUT 0.50Course ID: 005261
Introduction to Environmental Research Methods
Introduction to methods of developing, evaluating and using evidence in Environmental Studies. Methods for summarizing and critical appreciation of data describing environmental systems. Skill development in applying statistical techniques and in using microcomputers as a research tool. While not a prerequisite for this course, CS 100 or a high school computing course is helpful.
Prereq: Not open to students in the Faculty of Mathematics

ENVS 195 LEC,SEM 0.50Course ID: 005262
Introduction to Environmental Studies
Provides an overview of human ecological aspects of environmental studies from an intercultural and global perspective.

ENVS 200s

ENVS 200 LEC,TUT 0.50Course ID: 005263
Field Ecology
Introduces the main concepts and principles of ecology; the cycling of elements; energetics and structural organization of major ecological systems; population dynamics; impact of natural resource management practices and urban and industrial development on the environment; incorporating environmental quality considerations into development activities. The tutorial sessions include field trips to study natural and disturbed ecosystems, urban and applied ecology.
[Note: Field trip fee: $25, WHMIS required.]
Prereq: Level at least second year;
Antireq: BIOL 250

ENVS 201 LEC,SEM 0.50Course ID: 005264
Introduction to Environmental and Planning Law
Introduction to legal concepts generally and to environmental and planning law concepts in particular. Topics to be covered include Sources of Law, Nature of Legal Remedies, Common Law, Administrative Agencies, Planning Act, Environmental Protection and Assessment Acts, and Federal Environmental Protection Act.
Antireq: (For Mathematics Students only) AFM 231, BUS 231W, CIVE 491, GENE 411, ME 401, MTHEL 100

ENVS 202 LEC 0.50Course ID: 005265
Environmental Management Systems
The examination and evaluation of Environmental Management Systems such as ISO 14001. Alternate EMS systems will be compared and reviewed to identify their respective strengths and weaknesses. Case studies will be used to illustrate the ideas presented.
Prereq: ENVS 102; Environment and Business students only

ENVS 220 LEC,TUT 0.50Course ID: 005266
Environmental Economics
Evaluation of various economic approaches to the environment. The links between economics, systems and the natural environment will be explored and future directions examined.

ENVS 278 LEC,TUT 0.50Course ID: 005271
Advanced Environmental Research Methods
Advanced methods for developing, evaluating and using primary and secondary data in Environmental Studies. Builds upon ENV S 178 by introducing probability and inferential statistics, statistical sampling procedures and hypothesis testing. Standard parametric and nonparametric statistical tests up to the linear regression model and extensions. Modelling of environmental phenomena in space and time using the microcomputer for data entry, storage and analysis.
Prereq: ENVS 178; Environmental Studies students only.
Antireq: ARTS 280, BIOL 460, ECON 221, ENVS 271, 277, 278, ISS 250A/B, 250R, KIN 222, PSCI 214, PSYCH 292, REC 371, 371A, SOC 280, STAT 202, 204, 206, 211, 221, 231, 241

ENVS 300s

ENVS 302 LEC 0.50Course ID: 010090
Evaluation of Environment & Business Integration
A review of the successes and failures of businesses which have attempted to adopt environmental priorities in their operations. Case studies will be reviewed to identify barriers to adopting environmental priorities and the processes which proved successful in overcoming these obstacles.
Prereq: ENVS 202; Environment and Business students only

ENVS 334 LEC 0.50Course ID: 005274
Introduction to Park Management
Introduction to the categories, administrative arrangements and functions of parks, including planning and management of parks at all government levels, with emphasis on law, policy system planning, management planning, site planning and management. The course will emphasize international aspects of park management.
Prereq: REC 230
(Cross-listed with REC 334)

ENVS 395 LEC 2.50Course ID: 005290
Study Abroad
Study abroad for academic transfer credit under an Environmental Studies Exchange Program.
Department Consent Required

ENVS 400s

ENVS 401 LEC 0.50Course ID: 005294
Environmental Law
Detailed consideration of recent developments in Canadian environmental and resources regulatory regimes combined with guidance on presentation of expert evidence to courts and tribunals.
Prereq: ENVS 201

ENVS 402A PRJ 0.50Course ID: 010154
Environment and Business Project
The application of the principles learned in earlier courses will focus on a particular project. Applications may include group projects of sufficient scope to demonstrate mastery of problem-solving, integration and communication on a selected topic related to environment and business, or on selected environmental issues related to a specific business operation.
Prereq: ENVS 302; Environment and Business students only

ENVS 402B PRJ 1.00Course ID: 010155
Environment and Business Project
A continuation of ENV S 402A.
Prereq: ENVS 402A; Environment and Business students only

ENVS 433 LEC 0.50Course ID: 005299
Ecotourism and Park Tourism
Planning and management of ecotourism and park tourism. Emphasis is placed on public involvement, market segmentation, policy and law, visitor management strategies and international trends. The role of national parks and other categories of protected areas is highlighted.
Prereq: REC/ENVS 334
(Cross-listed with REC 433)

ENVS 444 LEC 0.50Course ID: 012661
Ecosystem and Resource Management in Parks/Natural Areas
This course examines how ecosystem principles and techniques are used in planning and operations in regulated lands, parks, and protected areas. Conservation of biological diversity, ecological integrity, and sustainable resource use are major themes. Students learn population and community ecological modelling and related univariate and multivariate analytical techniques pertaining to ecosystem management. Comparisons of management frameworks illustrate modelling and analytical techniques for the forestry, agricultural, mining, fishing and energy sectors. A field assignment gives experience in assessment and analysis. Guest lectures by professionals in the conservation, parks and resource sectors augment student experience.
Prereq: ENVS 200 or BIOL 250 or ENVS/REC 334; Level at least 3A.
Antireq: ERS 380; ENVS 434/GEOG 367/PLAN 340/REC 434 taken prior to Winter 2007
(Cross-listed with REC 437)

ENVS 469 LEC 1.00Course ID: 005302
Landscape Ecology, Restoration and Rehabilitation
Survey of the major ideas and techniques of landscape ecology. Application of these concepts to a case study in restoration and/or rehabilitation. Interaction with professionals from government, NGOs and private industry on ecological issues will also be part of the course. The course includes a practical project on ecological restoration or rehabilitation but candidates for the Diploma in Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation can be exempted from this component by documenting 5 or more days of equivalent practical experience.
[Note: Field trip fee up to $100 depending on destination]
Prereq: One of ERS 380, ERS/BIOL 381, GEOG 367, 368, PLAN 340, 341, ENVS/REC 434

ENVS 474 LAB,SEM,TUT 0.50Course ID: 012288
Special Topics in Environmental Studies
This course allows for additions to the program on a short-term basis, and for the development of future permanent courses.
[Note: Field trip fee may be required]
Instructor Consent Required

The Undergraduate Calendar is published by the Office of the Registrar, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1 Canada

Contact Information: Need academic advisement help? If so, please direct your inquiry to the appropriate Undergraduate Faculty Advisor by visiting
the Undergraduate Faculty Advisors page on the Registrar's Office website for contact information.
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