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  1. All BUS courses are offered by the School of Business and Economics (SBE) at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU). Such courses have course prefix "BU" at WLU, but appear with prefix "BUS" on University of Waterloo (Waterloo) records with "W" attached to the course number (e.g., BU111 at WLU vs. BUS 111W at Waterloo).
  2. Waterloo students taking courses at WLU pay tuition fees to Waterloo as part of a special "Cross-Registration Agreement" between the two universities.
  3. Only students enrolled in Waterloo undergraduate degree programs are eligible to cross register for BUS courses. These courses are not open to Waterloo Post-Degree or Non-Degree students, including exchange students at Waterloo from another university.
  4. BUS courses are normally available to Waterloo students only when there is no equally suitable course available at Waterloo and access is always conditional upon space availability. WLU, of course, gives enrolment priority to its own students.
  5. If there are more Waterloo student requests for a BUS course than the WLU SBE can accommodate, priority for enrolment will normally be given to students for whom the course is a degree requirement in their Waterloo academic plan.
  6. Waterloo students should attempt to self-enrol on Quest for on-campus sections of BUS courses in the same way they do for Waterloo courses. Consult the web site in 8. for enrolment in Online Learning sections of BUS courses and for procedures to follow when attempts at Quest self-enrolment in on-campus sections have been unsuccessful.
  7. Course descriptions for BUS courses can be found in the WLU Undergraduate Calendar. The requisites in that Calendar, of course, are for WLU students. Waterloo students should consult the web site in 8. for requisites that apply to Waterloo students.
  8. The website
    provides the information below for a large selection of BUS courses (including BUS 111W and 121W), many of which are part of various Waterloo undergraduate degree programs.
    (a) Terms in which the courses are normally offered (both on campus and Online Learning).
    (b) Course requisites (i.e., prerequisites, corequisites, antirequisites) for Waterloo students.
    (c) Enrolment procedures for enrolling in on-campus sections of BUS courses when attempts at Quest self-enrolment have been unsuccessful.
    (d) Enrolment procedures for Online Learning sections of BUS courses.
  9. Enrolment in any course, whether it is a Waterloo course or a WLU course, is not officially confirmed until it appears as part of your class schedule on Waterloo's Quest system.
  10. The WLU SBE does not normally waive any of its BUS course prerequisites, nor does it approve requests for class time conflicts.

BUS 00s

BUS ----- LEC 0.00Course ID: 013926
Business Courses Taught at Wifrid Laurier University
For details regarding Business courses offered at WLU please see notes above.