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Applicants to Year One

Applicants From Ontario Secondary Schools

See the 1995-96 Admission Requirements for Year One Programs for general admission requirements and specific program requirements and recommendations.

Equivalent Certificates

All applicants are required to hold the specific subject requirements indicated in "Specific Admission Requirements" in addition to the equivalent level of education.

Applicants are required to submit official transcripts for all years spent in secondary and post secondary education. Transcripts must indicate subjects studied, the grades received and an interpretation of the grading systems used.

Applicants from Other Canadian Provinces

Alberta                    Grade 12
British Columbia           Grade 12
Manitoba                   Grade 12
New Brunswick              Grade 12
Newfoundland               Year 1 Memorial University.
                           Outstanding Grade 12 graduates are also 
Northwest Territories      Grade 12
Nova Scotia                Grade 12
Prince Edward Island       Grade 12
Quebec                     First Year CEGEP program or equivalent
Saskatchewan               Grade 12
Yukon Territory            Grade 12

Applicants from other Countries

Countries following a "British" System of Education

General Certificate of Secondary Education or equivalent with Passes in at least five subjects, two of which must be at the Advanced Level.

International Baccalaureate
Passes in at least six subjects, three Higher Level and three Subsidiary Level with a grade total not less than 28.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Certificate of Education (English) and University of Hong Kong Matriculation (Advanced Level) with Passes in at least five subjects, two of which must be at the Advanced Level. Applicants with three or more University of Hong Kong Advanced Level subjects will also be considered. Chinese University of Hong Kong First Year standing with courses appropriate to program.

Maturity or Matriculation Certificate.

Bachelor's degree (with first division standing).

Central and South America
First-year university with a standing of at least B-.
Countries Using French System
Baccalauréat Passable.

United States of America
High School Diploma with exceptionally high standing, and Advanced Placement Examinations in prerequisite subjects or first-year university standing in acceptable subjects from an accredited institution.

Other Countries
Normally the Secondary School program which allows applicants to be admitted for first-year university studies in their home country is acceptable provided that the educational system is at a similar level to the educational system in Ontario.

Candidates should contact the Registrar's Office well in advance of the desired session for an assessment of eligibility. As much information as possible should be provided in the initial inquiry. Official documents submitted in a language other than English must be accompanied by a notarized English translation.


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