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General Information

Applicants seeking admission to undergraduate programs are required to have suitable and adequate preparation to enable them to undertake degree studies at the University. Before submitting an application, prospective students should read carefully the description of the program they wish to study and then review the admission requirements to determine whether their background qualifies them for consideration. The admission requirements apply to all applicants who wish to pursue degree studies on a full-time or part-time basis, including studies by distance education.

Candidates may apply for admission to the programs listed in the various faculty sections of this Calendar.

All applicants will be considered for admission to the University unless St. Jerome's College or Renison College is specified.

All correspondence should be directed to the Assistant Registrar for the Faculty to which the candidate is applying.

Detailed information regarding admission requirements is available from the Assistant Registrar for each Faculty.

Applicants are advised to outline thoroughly their educational background in order to facilitate the admission process. The admission information and requirements set forth in the Calendar are applicable for admission beginning in May, 1995.

Authority to Admit

All applicants for admission to the University will be considered by the Admissions Committee for the Faculty to which admission is sought. No final decision regarding the acceptability of an applicant will be made by an individual or group without the authority of the appropriate Admissions Committee.

The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate and to refuse re-admission if, in the opinion of University officials, a student will not profit from University studies or poses a danger to the University community.

The University reserves the right to withdraw the Offer of Admission if the applicant fails to meet the minimum requirements for admission or any other condition stated on the Offer of Admission.

St. Jerome's College

St. Jerome's registers students in the Regular or Co-operative system of study in the Faculties of Arts and Mathematics including Honours Arts Applied Studies Co-op, and excluding Arts Accountancy Studies Co-op.

Inquiries and correspondence should be directed to:
The Registrar, St. Jerome's College.

Renison College

Applicants may apply for the Social Development Studies Program and for Honours Arts Regular Programs through Renison College. Renison College applicants should indicate "Renison College" clearly on the application form. All transcripts and documents should be sent directly to the College.

Inquiries and correspondence regarding admissions should be directed to: The Registrar, Renison College


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