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Other Applicants

Applicants who are not considered for admission on the basis of Ontario Secondary School standing or equivalent are considered under the following broad categories. These categories serve to identify general areas of academic preparation.

Mature Student Admission

Individuals who do not meet the normal requirements for admission but who can offer clear evidence of their ability to undertake and manage university studies and who have been away from formal education for some time, in no case less than two years, may be considered for admission as a mature student. In the case of the Faculty of Arts, those who have been away from formal education for some time, normally five years or more, but in no case less than two years, and do not meet the normal requirements for admission, may be considered for admission as a mature student.

Although the University of Waterloo does not automatically offer admission to mature applicants, the Faculty Admissions committees carefully consider previous academic records, resumes and other biographical material before determining admissibility. For example, Admissions Committees for faculties where there are specific subject requirements in the areas of Mathematics and Science will expect confirmation that the applicant has up to date background equivalent to that provided by OAC Mathematics and Science courses. Admissions Committees for less technical programs will review the applicant's personal and professional development, formal training, work experience and community service before making a decision.

Applicants who do not qualify for full-time degree studies may be considered for admission to a part-time non-degree program in any faculty but the Faculty of Engineering.

Applicants applying as mature students are advised to contact the Assistant Registrar of the desired faculty to discuss admissibility and appropriate qualifying work.

Non-Degree Status

Mature students or others who are not interested in pursuing a degree may apply for admission on a non-degree basis. Credit courses successfully completed by students in this category will normally count toward a degree if the student is admitted later as a degree candidate.

Post-Degree Status

Students who hold a degree recognized as equivalent to a Canadian university bachelor's degree, or a graduate degree, and wish to register in one or more undergraduate courses, but are not proceeding to an undergraduate degree at this university, may be considered for admission as post-degree students. Normally courses taken this way are not credited towards a graduate degree at the University of Waterloo.

Advanced Standing

Applicants to advanced years must specify the Faculty to which they are seeking admission, the program they wish to study, and the level of admission sought. All programs, with the exception of Architecture, Engineering, Independent Studies and Optometry, operate on a course credit system where a student's progress is measured by courses completed rather than by years completed. Applicants to faculties which operate under the course credit system will have previous work evaluated on an individual course basis. For other applicants advanced standing will be determined to the appropriate year or term. Applicants are expected to submit course descriptions, in addition to an official academic transcript from the institution(s) they have previously attended or are presently attending. The provision of such information will greatly facilitate the evaluation of previous work and the consideration of possible transfer credits.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit will depend upon the program applied to, the relevancy of the previous program studied and approval from the appropriate department that such courses are to be credited to the student's program.

As the specific transfer credit policies vary with each Faculty, students are advised to refer to the Faculty sections in this Calendar for detailed regulations.

Applicants from Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology

As a general policy, applicants who have achieved a cumulative average of B(75%) in each of the three years of a program at an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology are considered for admission with advanced credit for as much as one year of a degree program.

Applicants who have completed two years with a cumulative average of B(75%) are considered for admission to Year One.

Each application will be considered on its merits by the Admissions Committee of the desired Faculty.

Letters of Permission

In addition to completing the appropriate application form, applicants wishing to take a course on a "Letter of Permission" must obtain a Letter of Permission form from their "home" university specifying the courses to be taken. In some cases an official transcript from the "home" university will also be required.


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