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Health Studies

In the Health Studies program the knowledge from several traditional disciplines is combined and focused on the study of health and disease. Courses provide students with an understanding of (a) what diseases are, (b) their causes, (c) behaviourial factors that contribute to disease, and (d) ways in which health behaviour can be changed.

The curriculum has four core areas:

  1. Health Sciences - the scientific facts and principles pertinent to personal and community health. Specific subject areas include:
  2. Behaviourial Sciences - introduction to psychology and sociology, determinants of health behaviour and health behaviour modification.
  3. Biological Sciences - the basic principles of biology, physiology and biochemistry.
  4. Evaluation and Research - the principles of statistics and research design aimed at developing sufficient competencies to enable students to evaluate and interpret the findings of health-related research.


Students may apply for admission directly into the Honours Health Studies program, Co-op or Regular.

In order to receive the Honours BSc degree the student must successfully complete 40 term courses including the following requirements:

Degree Requirements

  1. Required Health Studies Courses (15):
    HLTH 101, 102, 210, 220, 245, 340, 341, 344, 346, 348, 349, 432 or 433/443, 442, 445
  2. Required Kinesiology Courses (three):
    KIN 222, 317*, 330
  3. Required Courses from other departments (seven):
    BIOL 230, 239, 273
    CHEM 116
    CS 316
    PSYCH 101; SOC 101
  4. Restricted electives (four):
    One of: ENGL 109 (recommended for Year One) or 210C (recommended for Year Two)
    One of: PHIL 226, 258
    Two of: BIOL 211, 240, 241, 437, 441, 454, 455
    HLTH 350, 407, 443**
  5. Free electives:
    11 term courses

* KIN 317 laboratory is mandatory
** HLTH 443 is a restricted elective only for those students choosing the HLTH 432 sequence.


Course Sequence

Year One (Co-op and Regular) Fall Winter HLTH 101 HLTH 102 BIOL 230 BIOL 239 PSYCH 101 BIOL 273 SOC 101 CHEM 116 One Elective One Elective

Regular Program

Year Two Fall Winter HLTH 220 HLTH 210 HLTH 245 HLTH 346 KIN 222 KIN 330 KIN 317* Two Electives One Elective
Year Three Fall Winter HLTH 341 HLTH 340 HLTH 349 HLTH 344 Three Electives HLTH 348 CS 316 One Elective
Year Four Fall Winter HLTH 432 or 433 HLTH 432 or 443 HLTH 442 HLTH 445 Three Electives Three Electives

Co-operative Program
Year Two 2A (Fall) 2B (Spring) HLTH 220 HLTH 346 HLTH 245 HLTH 348 KIN 222 HLTH 349 KIN 317* KIN 330 One Elective One Elective
Year Three 3A (Winter) 3B (Fall) HLTH 210 HLTH 341 HLTH 340 HLTH 433 or elective HLTH 344 HLTH 442 CS 316 Two Electives One Elective
Year Four 4A (Spring) 4B (Winter) HLTH 432 or elective HLTH 432 or 443 Four Electives HLTH 445 Three Electives
* KIN 317 laboratory is mandatory


Honours Health Studies Program
Pre-Health-Professions Option

This program combines the Health Studies Honours BSc degree requirements with a specified grouping of elective courses from Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Kinesiology, Sociology and Computer Science.

This Option is intended to provide suitable preparation for entry into medical school and other health professional schools, as well as for graduate study in health-related disciplines. However, students must consult the admission requirements of specific professional schools and graduate programs when choosing from the electives.

In order to graduate with this option, the following requirements must be met:

  1. An overall cumulative average of 75% and a cumulative average of 75% in Health Studies courses.
  2. Successful completion of 21.0 credits, including all the requirements of the Honours BSc Health Studies degree.
  3. Successful completion of eight of the following courses (4.0 lecture credits):
    CHEM 120/120L, 123/123L, 266/266L, 267/267L
    MATH 107, 108
    PHYS 111/111L, 112/112L
    BIOL 240, 241, 402, 404, 436, 437, 441, 442, 444
    KIN 102, 200, 201, 242, 300, 321, 340, 341
    REC 250
    CS 102 or CS 112

A Pre-Health-Professions Option is also offered by the Faculty of Science, and suitable preparatory courses may also be taken with a Kinesiology degree program.


Health Studies/Kinesiology
Kinesiology/Health Studies
Joint Honours Degree Program

Occasionally there are students within Applied Health Sciences whose interests potentially encompass both the Kinesiology and Health Studies programs.

The following Joint Honours program is offered through both the Regular and the Co-operative format of study to accommodate those students and to best prepare them for jobs that require backgrounds in both Kinesiology and Health Studies.

Degree Requirements for Joint Honours include:

  1. 42 term courses including -
  2. An overall average and major average of 70% is required in the Joint Honours program.

* KIN 317 laboratory is mandatory.

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