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The Faculty of Arts

The main objective of the Faculty of Arts is to provide a liberal arts education which is designed to acquaint the student with some of the major ideas and forces that shape our civilization and other civilizations, to develop the ability to think clearly, critically and creatively, and to make a contribution to living a full life.


The degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA) is awarded by the University upon successful completion of any of the undergraduate programs described under Arts Programs.



  1. General Requirements

    The admission requirements of the Faculty of Arts are the same as the General Admission Requirements of the University for applicants from Ontario Secondary Schools and for those not currently registered in Ontario Secondary Schools. Admission requirements for part-time students are the same as for full-time students. See "Admissions" for the admission categories, requirements and procedures for all programs.

    Applicants who wish to study full-time must submit their applications through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC).

    Applicants who wish to study on a part-time or non-degree basis or through distance education courses may obtain application forms from the Part-Time Studies and Continuing Education Office at the University of Waterloo.

    Some programs may have additional admission requirements. Please see the "Admission and Degree Requirements" section under the specific programs.


  2. Application Deadlines (On-Campus Students)

    New full-time applications must be received by March 1 for the Spring term, July 1 for the fall term and November 1 for the Winter term.

    All other applications must be received by April 1 for the Spring term, August 1 for the Fall term and December 1 for the Winter term. These dates apply to the following: new applications for part-time studies, non-degree and post-degree studies and applicants on a Letter of Permission.

    In addition, these dates apply to applications for re-admission by Arts students who have been 'required to withdraw' (after a minimum of 2 terms' absence), UW students in good standing resuming their studies in Arts following a voluntary absence of more than 12 months, and by UW students seeking to transfer from another Faculty.

    Because of the time required to assemble all of the documents necessary to make an admission decision, it is advisable that applications and all supporting documentation be submitted well in advance of the deadlines. All application files must be complete with required supporting documents by April 1 for the Spring term, August 1 for the Fall term and December 1 for the Winter term.


  3. Transfer Credit

    Upon admission to Arts, a student may be granted transfer credits for university courses related to a Waterloo Arts degree in which a grade of 60% or better was obtained. Students entering Waterloo from other universities may have their transferred courses count toward the University of Waterloo degree; however, marks obtained in these courses will not be included in the calculation of the students' University of Waterloo averages.

    Students admitted to Arts from faculties within the University may elect to transfer all passed Arts Faculty courses and all pertinent courses taken from other faculties in which they earned marks of at least 60% (C-). These courses will not be counted in students' cumulative averages. Alternatively, students may elect to transfer all pertinent attempted courses (passed and failed). Under this option, all courses will be counted in students' cumulative averages.

    Students transferring into the University of Waterloo with the maximum of 20 term courses as transfer credits toward their UW Arts degree requirements must have a minimum of 10 term courses constituting their UW overall grade average in order to qualify for graduation. In addition, for major students, at least half of the courses in the major must be UW courses, or, for non-majors, at least half of the courses must be Arts UW courses.


  4. Courses at Other Universities (Letter of Permission)

    Students wishing to take a course at another university for credit toward a UW degree must obtain a Letter of Permission. A Letter of Permission is granted only to students who have successfully completed a minimum of four University of Waterloo term courses and who are in good standing; that is, they have satisfied the minimum cumulative average requirements for their current program. A maximum total of 10 term courses may be taken on a Letter of Permission basis. Courses taken on a Letter of Permission at other institutions (except Wilfrid Laurier University) will appear on UW records as transfer credits (mark of CR) if a minimum grade of C- (60%) or equivalent is attained. Commencing Fall 1993, courses taken at Wilfrid Laurier University will appear on UW records as graded courses and the grades attained will be included in average and credit calculations.

    A Letter of Permission must be approved by the studentUs advisor prior to enrolling at the host institution and is subject to departmental regulations. You may obtain the necessary form from the Registrar's Office. More information about the Letter of Permission Policy and Procedures is given on the reverse side of the form.


  5. Canadian Exchange Programs

    The Faculty of Arts participates in the Canadian University Student Exchange Consortium (CUSEC) and the Group of Ten Student Exchange Program (GOTSEP). Some departments within the Faculty permit student participation in these programs. Students interested in either of these programs should contact their Undergraduate Advisor. Courses taken at the host university will be recorded as equivalent courses, grades and credits on the student's University of Waterloo academic record.


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