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Canadian Studies

Students interested in the Canadian Studies Three-Year General Program will ordinarily be admitted at the beginning of Year Two. Admission will be based on academic performance in at least ten term courses in Year One including at least one Canadian Studies course or an Approved Canadian Content Course (ACCC).

Application for admission to the program is usually made at the time of preregistration for Year Two or after completion of ten term courses. Criteria for admission will normally include an overall Year One average of at least 60% and an average of at least 65% in Canadian Studies and Approved Canadian Content Courses (ACCC).

Because of limitations on resources, however, the student's fulfillment of minimum requirements may not guarantee admission to the Canadian Studies Three-Year Major and a higher average, and, in some instances, an interview may be required.

Three-Year General Canadian Studies

Eligibility for graduation in the Three-Year General Canadian Studies program includes fulfillment of the following requirements:
  1. Successful completion of a minimum of 30 term courses including Faculty of Arts Group A and B requirements with an overall cumulative average of at least 60% and an overall average of at least 65% in Canadian Studies and Approved Canadian Content Courses.
  2. 14 required courses including:
  3. 16 elective courses to be chosen in consultation with advisors.

Students intending to pursue graduate work in social science areas are encouraged to take a course in statistical and/or quantitative methods.

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