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Government Assistance Programs

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides various types of assistance based on financial need to eligible students. This assistance is intended to supplement, not to replace, the resources of students and their families. Although assistance is not based on academic standing, students are expected to make satisfactory progress in their studies.

OSAP consists of the following six plans:

  1. The Canada Student Loans Plan provides assistance in the form of interest-free loans to students who wish to pursue full-time post-secondary studies.
  2. The Ontario Student Loans Plan provides interest-free loan assistance to both full- and part-time students whose needs are not fully met by the Canada Student Loans Plan.

    First-time applicants to OSAP must apply no later than July 1, to be notified of the award before classes start in the Fall term; November 1 for classes that start in the Winter term; and March 1 for classes that start in the Spring term.

    Returning students who have received OSAP in the previous year will receive a pre-printed application directly from the Ministry of Education and Training and should apply by the above deadlines directly to the Ministry.

  3. The Child-Care Bursary is available to sole-support parents or married students who have applied for and qualified for OSAP funding and who will incur child-care expenses during the student's study period. Applications will accompany the Student Information Document mailed by the Student Support Branch of the Ministry of Education and Training.
  4. The Bursary For Students With Disabilities is available to students who have applied for and qualified for OSAP funding and who will incur disability-related educational expenses. Applications are available in the Disabled Student Services Office.
  5. The Ontario Work-Study Plan provides a means whereby students can actively finance the cost of their education through part-time employment on campus. Students whose educational needs have not been fully met by OSAP are eligible to apply. Positions are posted outside the Student Awards Office.
  6. The Ontario Special Bursary Plan provides assistance based on financial need to students taking 40% or less of a normal full course load.This Plan is intended for individuals who are unemployed, receiving social assistance or have a low family income. Students receiving Ontario Special Bursary are not eligible to receive OSAP for the same study period.

Students from provinces other than Ontario should approach the provincial assistance authority in their home provinces concerning the possibility of assistance from that source. Applications and/or addresses are available from the Student Awards Office, Needles Hall.


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