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Awards and Financial Aid

The Student Awards Office is responsible for the administration of all forms of financial assistance for undergraduate students. This includes the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and other forms of government aid to students. As well, the Office administers the UniversityUs Undergraduate Scholarship and Bursary Program and an Emergency Loan Fund.

Students requiring information and/or applications regarding the awards listed below or any other information regarding financial aid are invited to contact the Student Awards Office, Needles Hall, University of Waterloo.

Unless otherwise stated, no application is required for the awards listed below.


The term "Award" is a general designation applied to any scholarship, prize, medal, fellowship or grant of money assigned to a student. Within this designation, awards are further defined as follows:

Scholarship: A monetary award, based solely on outstanding overall academic performance or excellence in a specific subject or group of subjects.

Prizes and Medals: A monetary award of small value or a non-monetary award (e.g., book prize or medal) given in recognition of academic performance or excellence in the area to which the award pertains.

Work-Term Report Award: A monetary award based on writing skills demonstrated in work-term reports.

Bursary: A monetary grant based primarily on financial need.