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Regulations Governing University of Waterloo Undergraduate Awards

  1. Unless otherwise stated in the terms of reference of the awards, eligibility for entrance and upper year awards is normally restricted to students who register for a full course load (minimum five half-credits per term).
  2. Awards with a monetary value are normally paid during terms when the recipient is registered as a full-time student.
  3. The first charge against any award payment will be for tuition and fees.
  4. Awards valued at more than one-term tuition will normally be paid in two term instalments.
  5. A student may not hold more than one major University of Waterloo award in one academic year. (A major award may be defined as having a value equal to one-term full-time tuition at the University of Waterloo.)

    Awards marked with an asterisk (*) are considered major University of Waterloo awards and may preclude an individual from receiving another University of Waterloo award.

  6. If a student withdraws or otherwise fails to complete the term(s) covered by an award, the award will be pro-rated.
  7. If no qualified applicant is found for a particular award in any year, the University reserves the right to withhold the award.
  8. Awards based on donations from outside sources cannot be guaranteed by the University and can be forwarded only after the funds have been received from the donor.
  9. The value of awards financed by endowed funds may vary each year dependent upon investment interest rates.
  10. Deadline dates: where the advertised deadline date falls on a Saturday or Sunday the deadline date is the preceding Friday.