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Faculty of Mathematics Scholarships

Each September, over 140 first-year students enter the Faculty of Mathematics as Descartes Scholars. The Scholarships range in value from $16,000 to $1,000.

National Scholarships

There are four $16,000 and twelve $12,000 René Descartes National Scholarships. These are continuing awards with equal payments spread over eight academic terms. To be considered for the National Scholarships, candidates must apply by March 1. The typical National Scholarship candidate will have distinguished academic standing especially in Mathematics courses as well as a record of accomplishments in Mathematics or Computer Science competitions or contests throughout high school. Candidates will also be expected to demonstrate interest in Mathematics or Computer Science which goes beyond standard course requirements including activities such as active membership in math or computer science clubs, enriched mathematics studies, employment/voluntary experiences or hobbies. Application forms may be obtained from the University Student Awards Office.

Descartes Entrance Scholarships

There are twelve $8,000, thirty $4,000, and one-hundred $1,000 René Descartes Entrance Scholarships. The $8,000 and $4,000 scholarships are continuing awards with payments distributed over eight academic terms. The $1,000 scholarships are first-year awards. All applicants to the Faculty of Mathematics are considered for the Descartes Entrance Scholarships. No application is required.

High school grades and performance in the Descartes Mathematics Competition are the main factors in awarding scholarships. Participation and achievement in student government, athletics, music, art, etc., are also considered.

Art Headlam Accounting Entrance Scholarship

A scholarship valued at $1,000 is named in recognition of Art Headlam's contribution to the administration of the University and support of and interest in accounting and management education. The award is made annually to a student entering the Accounting Program through the Faculty of Mathematics. In addition to overall academic excellence the student will have exhibited leadership qualities.

*Bill Harvie Scholarship/Fellowship

This award, valued at $4,500 over three years, is provided to a student entering Year One of an Arts or Mathematics Accounting program. Selection will be based on academic achievement and leadership qualities. Continuance in Years Two and Three will be in the form of a fellowship and will be dependent on the student maintaining a B+ overall average.

*Friar Luca Pacioli Fellowships

One award, with a total possible value of $5,000 is provided annually to a Year One applicant to an Accounting program in the Faculty of Mathematics. One thousand dollars is allocated in first and second year and $1,500 is allocated in third and fourth year, if the student maintains a B+ average in accounting-related subjects. Applicants must complete the Personal Information Form. Selection of the fellow is based on academic merit and extra-curricular activities.

Sullivan Entrance Award

One award of $1,000 is awarded to an outstanding student entering Engineering, Mathematics or Science from Pauline Johnson Collegiate and Vocational School, Brantford, Ontario. Preference will be given to students entering Engineering.

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