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University-Wide Scholarships

Canada Scholarships

The federal government's Canada Scholarships Program presents over 2,500 scholarships annually to students entering undergraduate studies in selected Science, Engineering and Mathematics programs. The scholarship can be worth up to $10,000 received in instalments of $2,500 annually over four years. Furthermore, outstanding Canada Scholars in their third and fourth years of study in certain disciplines may also be recommended by their faculty to receive an additional award sponsored by the corporate sector. For more information, contact the Student Awards Office or The Canada Scholarships Program, Awards Division, A.U.C.C., 350 Albert Street, Suite 600, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 1B1, Tel.: (613) 563-1236.

Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation Award

The Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation offers several awards each year to outstanding students entering participating universities. The awards are based on academic standing, evidence of moral force of character, capacity to lead and to motivate fellow students, extra-curricular attainments, and evidence of a strong commitment to the community, both within and outside the school. Candidates are nominated by participating high schools. Awards are valued at $2,500 and are renewable for up to three years.

Successful candidates registering at the University of Waterloo will also receive a University of Waterloo P Canadian Merit Scholarship equivalent to the value of tuition and incidental fees and renewable for up to three years.

Hong Kong Alumni Association Entrance Awards

Awards of $500 are made available by donations from University of Waterloo alumni living in Hong Kong. Outstanding students of Hong Kong origin entering any full-time program at the University of Waterloo are eligible, provided they are willing to pledge to return to Hong Kong after graduation. Scholarships are not awarded on the basis of academic excellence alone; other factors such as personality, initiative and community involvement will also be considered. Applications must be submitted to the Student Awards Office by the beginning of May.

*University of Waterloo Alumni Scholarships

Entrance scholarships with a maximum value of $4,800 of which $1,200 is allocated in the first year and $1,200 may be allocated in each of three additional years, will be awarded from an endowment fund established by Alumni to outstanding students entering each Faculty. The criteria for awarding and renewing these scholarships will be determined by the awarding Faculty.

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