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Faculty of Mathematics Awards

J. Aczel Mathematics Award

Awarded wholly or in part to one or more graduate or senior undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Mathematics. The annual value will not exceed $3,200. Preference will be given to those whose specialization is functional equations, information theory, or applications of mathematics to the social or behavioural sciences. Application should be made to the René Descartes Foundation, Faculty of Mathematics.

*Andersen Consulting Scholarship

One award valued at $1,000 is given to a student entering 4A term in either the Faculty of Engineering or a Co-operative Mathematics Program. Selection of the recipient will be based on academic achievement, active participation/ leadership in extra-curricular activities, ability to communicate and career objectives of implementing change through Application Systems Development and/or Manufacturing Process Improvement. Relevant work-term experience will also be considered. Applications should be submitted to the Student Awards Office during the 3B term.

Ailey Bailin Memorial Award in Actuarial Science

This award, in memory of the late Ailey Bailin, is presented to a student with the highest cumulative overall average who is entering the fourth year of the Honours Actuarial Science Program.

George Barnard Statistics Prize

This prize is awarded once each year to a student completing third-year studies, and who has taken STAT 331, STAT 333, and at least one other third- or fourth-year Statistics course. It goes to the student deemed by the Statistics and Actuarial Science Department to have obtained the best results in these courses. The prize consists of one or more books in probability and statistics.

E.T. Davies Memorial Prizes

In memory of the late Professor E.T. Davies, his colleagues in the Applied Mathematics Department offer annually two prizes of the approximate value of $150 each. One prize is for a first-year student, enrolled in Applied Mathematics. The other prize is for the third-year Applied Mathematics student who ranks first on the final examinations.

René Descartes Scholarships, Fellowships and Bursaries

Upper-year prizes and fellowships in varying amounts are awarded to students in the Faculty of Mathematics based on outstanding performance in the previous year.

*Diners Club/enRoute Business Scholarship

One scholarship valued at $1,000 is presented annually to a full-time student entering fourth year of an accounting program in either the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Mathematics. This scholarship, sponsored by Diners Club/enRoute Card, was created to recognize scholastic achievement in accounting programs.

Doris Dixon Award

Each Dixon Award is presented by the Descartes Foundation to a student who, while not receiving a Descartes Entrance Award, demonstrates excellence during her/his program of undergraduate studies. The initial award of $1,000 is accompanied by an offer of a Descartes Fellowship.

Ross Dixon Award

Each Dixon Award is presented by the Descartes Foundation to a student who, while not receiving a Descartes Entrance Award, demonstrates excellence during her/his program of undergraduate studies. The initial award of $1,000 is accompanied by an offer of a Descartes Fellowship.

Samuel Eckler Medal in Actuarial Science

This prize was established to recognize the contribution of Samuel Eckler to the actuarial profession and is provided by Eckler Partners. The medal, which is cast in gold, is awarded each year to the outstanding graduating student of the Honours Actuarial Science Program.

Electrohome 75th Anniversary Scholarship

Established by the Victor Company of Japan Ltd. and Kanematsu-Gosho Ltd. in recognition of the 75th Anniversary of Electrohome Ltd., one scholarship of $1,500 is presented to an outstanding undergraduate entering the final year of Computer Science. The award will be based on academic performance in the second-year core and a minimum of three third year Computer Science courses. A University of Waterloo General Application for Scholarship with a copy of the Student Examination Report and a recent résumé should be submitted during the third year or 3B term.

Equitable Life Award

The Equitable Life Scholarship, worth $3,000, for students who have completed their second year of study in the Actuarial Science Program. The recipient will receive $750 in each of four terms beginning at the 3A level providing that an overall average of at least 80% is maintained. The scholarship is made possible through the generosity of Equitable Life of Canada and is administered by the René Descartes Foundation.

Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals (Ontario) Education Foundation Scholarship

Two annual awards of $250 each are awarded, one to the student achieving the highest mark in ACC 442 (Accounting Information Systems 2) and one to the student achieving the highest mark in CS 486 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence).

*Scott Kelsey Fevreau Memorial Award

A $500 award has been established in memory of Scott Kelsey Fevreau, a first-year Mathematics student. The award is to be presented to a second-year Honours Co-op Mathematics student, based on high academic achievement, extra-curricular activities and personal characteristics.

*Financial Executives Institute Prize

An award valued at $500 has been established by the Hamilton Chapter of the Financial Executive Institute. The award is presented annually to the student in any Honours Accounting program in Arts or Mathematics who has displayed outstanding achievement in finance.

K.D. Fryer Gold Medal

This award is presented annually, at Fall Convocation, to a graduating Mathematics student who best exemplifies academic excellence and good citizenship. Involvement in extra-curricular affairs such as athletics, cultural activities and student government are important criteria in making the award. The medal is in honour of Kenneth D. Fryer, a professor of Mathematics since 1959. As Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies for a number of years, he served the Faculty with academic distinction and good humoured dedication until his death in 1984.

William Gartrell Award

Dr. William Gartrell, received an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1968 from the University of Waterloo. To commemorate his contributions to education in high school Mathematics, the Faculty has established this award to recognize the scholastic achievements of a second- or third-year student not previously awarded a Descartes Scholarship. The initial award of $1,000 is accompanied by an offer of a Descartes Fellowship.

Microsoft Technical Scholarship

Two awards valued at $5,000 each are awarded to full-time, undergraduate second- or third-year students in Computer Science, Computer or Electrical Engineering, Applied Math or Physics. The awards are based on interest in the software/PC industry, written and technical quality of the application and a minimum overall B average. Special applications are available from the Student Awards Office or the Computer Science Department and must be submitted by December 1 for Co-op and Regular students registered in the Fall term and by January 21 for Co-op students registered in the Winter term.

W.I. Miller Scholarship

The W.I. Miller scholarship, worth $1,500, is awarded annually to a fourth-year student in the Mathematics Co-op Teaching Program who has demonstrated academic excellence and who has also displayed, during co-op teaching terms, the promise of leadership in mathematics teaching. The award is given in memory of Wilfred Isaac Miller, who following a distinguished teaching career in Ontario schools, was an assistant to the Dean and a Lecturer, Department of Combinatorics and Optimization, from 1967 to 1974.

National Research Council Training Program for Women in Science

The three year training program is for women undergraduate students in Engineering, Mathematics and Science, completing the first year of their program (to be accepted in the training program in their second year), who are high academic achievers and willing to work for the National Research Council (or an NRC partner) in either the summer or during their coop program. Applications and Information are available from the University of Waterloo Graduate Office. U.G.O. Deadline: February 22 (approx.)

Pure Math Book Prize

Awarded to an outstanding student of Pure Mathematics.

Robert H. Quinn Memorial Prize

Awarded annually to a student in the Business Administration Option of the Faculty of Mathematics who achieves the highest overall average mark at the end of the 3B academic term. This $400 prize is open to Honours students in either the Co-operative or Regular program. Those students completing the 3B term in the Fall or Winter will be judged together, with the award being announced in May. The minimum average which will be considered is 80% or A- standing.

Rees-Botzang Scholarship

The Rees-Botzang Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student beyond Year One in the Faculty of Mathematics in recognition of outstanding academic achievement. The recipient will also have demonstrated some contribution to student life in the Faculty or in society through volunteer activities.

Safety-Kleen Canada Inc./Oil Recovery Division Scholarship

Three scholarships valued at $1,500 each are awarded to outstanding Co-operative students entering Year Three and enrolled in Computer Science, Chemical Engineering or an Environmental Engineering Option in other Engineering Programs.

Senate Scholarship Mathematics Awards

Awarded to students who have established outstanding academic records by the end of their first or second year in the Faculty of Mathematics and who are not on continuing Descartes scholarships. Recipients receive $500 per term through graduation.

*Sony Science Scholarship Fund

Established by Sony of Canada Ltd. to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the arrival of the first Sony product in Canada and to show appreciation to Canadian people for their support, three scholarships valued at $1,000 each will be presented to an outstanding full-time undergraduate student entering fourth year in each of Engineering, Mathematics and Science.

Sprott Endowment Award

An award valued at $500 is made to an exemplary student of the Statistics and Actuarial Science Department. No application necessary.

*Stern Cohen Accountancy Studies Scholarship

Established by Stern Cohen, Chartered Accountants, in recognition of their 30th Anniversary, one scholarship valued at $500 is presented to an outstanding Accountancy Studies student. The scholarship is based on performance in ACC 291 and an overall average of 75% or better.

Sun Life of Canada Award

This $1,000 award is awarded to an outstanding student who is entering the third year of the Honours Actuarial Science Program. The award will be based on academic performance and demonstrated leadership. Applications should be submitted during the 2B term.

*John Hin Chung Tsang Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship of $750 is available annually to a student entering second year of a four-year Honours Mathematics Program. Selection of candidates is based on academic achievement. The award has been endowed by Mrs. Pauline Tsang, through the Education Foundation of the Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals of Ontario, in memory of Mr. John Hin Chung Tsang.

Waterloo-Wellington Chartered Accountants Association Scholarship

One scholarship valued at $500 is presented annually to a full-time undergraduate student entering Year Three in either Honours Arts or Honours Mathematics, Chartered Accountancy Studies. The scholarship selection is based upon grades achieved up to the point of entry to Year Three. No application necessary.

R.A. Wentzell Memorial Award

An annual award of $300 is awarded to the top male and female students at the completion of second year in an Applied Mathematics program. The award honours the memory of Professor Wentzell, who was a valued member of the Department of Applied Mathematics for over 20 years.

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