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Waterloo Advisory Council

The Waterloo Advisory Council of the University of Waterloo was established in 1958 to bring guidance from business, government and industry to the University. The Council meets twice a year to discuss and make recommendations on items related to all aspects of the University.

T.F Corcoran (President)
Confederation Life Group of Companies
D.B. Beldam (Vice-President)
Clarke, Henning & Beldam Ltd.
J.W. Shaddick (Secretary)
London Life Insurance Co.
R. Francis (Membership Chair)
Deloitte & Touche
J.A. Howard (Assistant Membership Chair)
J.M. Schneider Inc.
J. Bailey
Ontario Hospital Association
J. Bishop
Environment Protection Labs
P. Clark
Novacor Chemicals Ltd.
F. Clegg
Microsoft Canada Inc.
D.R. Cox
Northern Telecom Limited
S.P. Crawford
The Co-operators Group Limited
S.B. Fisher
J. Gartner
Gartner Lee Limited
A. Hanson
International Institute of Sustainable Development
K.R. Jennings
Cyanamid Canada
R. LaFleur
Health & Welfare Canada
F.N. MacLachlan
3M Canada
J.E. Moore
DMR Group Inc.
W.J. Neish
NORR Partnership Limited
I.E. Paterson
Wesley-Jessen (Canada) Inc.
T. Riley
City of Etobicoke
D. Roberts
Ainsworth Electric Co. Ltd.
S.E. Roberts
Procter & Gamble Inc.
E.L.J. Rosinger
Organization for Economic Development & Trade
G. Scott
Dept of Canadian Heritage
G.E. Smith
Andersen Consulting
R.D.M. Strachan
Canadian Tire Corporation
J.D. Uhrig
The K &W Optical Group


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