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Work/Study Sequence for Applied Studies (Faculty of Arts)

The following is the work/study sequence for applied studies with honours in:

          Anthropology                   Music 
          Classical Studies              Philosophy 
          Drama                          Political Science  
          Economics                      Psychology  
          English                        Religious Studies 
          Fine Arts                      Russian 
          French                         Slavic Studies 
          German                         Social Development Studies  
          History                        Sociology 
          Latin                          Spanish 
          Medieval Studies
The Arts Administration, International Trade, Management Studies and Personnel Studies Specializations are available with any of these Honours majors.


               Sept. - Dec.         Jan. - April          May. - Aug.
                ( Fall )             ( Winter )           ( Spring ) 

Year 1 1A 1B Work Term 1(See *) Year 2 2A Work Term 2 2B Year 3 Work Term 3 3A Work Term 4 Year 4 3B Work Term 5 4A Year 5 Work Term 6 4B


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