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Department of Co-operative Education and Career Services

B. A. Lumsden, BA (Western)

Program Administrators
W.B. Fuller, BA (Western Ontario)
K.B. Kenning, BA (Wilfrid Laurier)
R.A. Klawitter, BA (Western Ontario), CIM
R.A. Pullin, BSA (Toronto)
J.F. Westlake, BASc, MASc, PhD (Waterloo), PEng

Systems Administrator
D.N. Thomas, BSc (Guelph), MBA (McMaster)

Co-ordinators, Co-operative Education
R.S. Barr, BMath (Waterloo)
D.J. Beaupré, BComm (Loyola), CA
L.R. Bricker, BSc, MSc (Waterloo)
N.K.M. Chiang, BA (York), MEd (Hong Kong)
L. Davis, BA (Waterloo), BEd (Western)
S.W. Davis, BES, MA (Waterloo)
C.J. Engel, BSc (Toronto), BEd (Western)
D.B. Everest, BA (McMaster), MA (Waterloo)
M.E. Flett, BE (Technical University of Nova Scotia)
R.A. Grant, BSc (Queen's), PEng
M.E. Grosch, BA (Western)
J.C. Henshaw, BASc (Toronto), PEng
J.W. Holland, BASc (Toronto), MBA (Western), PEng
C.E. Jenkins, BA (Western)
S.J. Kimberley, BA (Toronto), CA
J. Martin, BA (Windsor), CHRP
R. Mateyk, BASc (Toronto), PEng
P.J. Mazzei, BSc, MSc (Queen's), PEng
W.B. Moore, BA (McGill)
G.C. Murphy, PEng
R. Parker, BSc (Montreal), MBA (Toronto)
L.I. Pinaud, BSc, MSc (Queen's)
A.M. Prins, BA (McMaster), MA (Waterloo)
D.E. Rittenhouse, BASc (Waterloo), MEng (Carleton), PEng
R.H. Roach, BSc (Waterloo)
C.D.J. Ross, BA, MA (Wilfrid Laurier)
F.M. Ruszer, BA, MSc (Guelph)
P. Schrader, BA (Waterloo)
D.A. Schunk, BArch (Notre Dame)
V.E. Sparrow, BA (Waterloo)
W.P. Ungar, BES, BArch (Waterloo)
E.A. Van Den Berg, BA (Waterloo)
J.A. Van Roon, BSc (Northrup), PEng

Special Projects Co-ordinator
I.A. Lebold, BA (Waterloo)

Operations and Liaison Co-ordinator
O.F. Naese, BA (Waterloo)

Placement Advisors
A.F.H. Bieth
R.A. Hawes, BRE (Emmanuel)
J.L. Metz
B.A. Robertson, BA (Toronto)

The Co-operative Education unit of the Department is responsible for the work-term aspect of all Co-operative programs. The staff includes professional personnel who have extensive business and industrial experience.

The Co-operative Plan

Co-operative education is based on the principle that during the undergraduate years an academic program combined with integrated work experience in alternating terms, is relevant to, and desirable for, effective professional preparation. The work terms allow the student to acquire experience in the area of career interest, while the academic terms can more properly be devoted to fundamental and theoretical studies. The practical experience complements academic studies.

The motivation, responsibility and opportunity for insight gained through Co-operative education can be of significant value to the student's future. The Co-operative concept enables those with a career orientation to become full-time students of their subject, both during the academic terms and during the related work terms, within a structure of organized purpose and serious study.

Operation of the Plan

Necessary arrangements for integrating work terms, securing potential employers, arranging interviews and generally managing the employment process are the responsibilities of the Co-operative Education unit. Co-ordinators counsel students, visit them on the job, assist them to adjust to work situations and encourage their professional development.

The Work/Study Sequence

All Year One students enrol in September and spend the first term together at the University. In some programs, the class is split into two approximately equal groups, one known as Stream 8, the other as Stream 4. Both groups receive the same total time on campus and at work. Stream 8 has a double academic term at the start of the course; Stream 4 has a double academic term at the end of the course. Other programs provide several academic/work term sequences as shown in the charts. Variations may be requested due to academic or work situations in upper years. The dates for the beginning and end of academic terms are shown in the Academic Calendar. Precise start and finish dates for individual work terms are established in consultation with Co-operative employers.


Although every effort is made by the Department to find a sufficient number of work-term positions for students enrolled in all Co-op programs, no guarantee of employment can be made. The employment process is competitive and academic performance, skills, motication, maturity, attitude, and potential will determine whether a student is offered a job.

If a student is not employed through the interview process, the Department will attempt to find suitable work experience for that student.


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