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Graduation Requirements for Co-operative Programs

Work Terms


Students need to achieve standing in the required number of work terms as specified for their program. See "Work Terms" for specific requirements.

Performance Evaluation

In those programs with a stated minimum number of work terms, this number is also the minimum number of satisfactory work terms.

In programs having no stated minimum, the required number of satisfactory work terms is one less than the number of work terms remaining in the program from point of entry, provided that the number of work terms available to the student is greater than five; otherwise, all work terms must be satisfactory.

Work Reports

Quantity and Grading

In most programs, the submission of a minimum of four work reports graded "Satisfactory" or better is a requisite for graduation. Provision is usually made for students to upgrade unsatisfactory reports or submit new reports. Special arrangements may be considered for cases such as those for which there are fewer than four work terms available to the student, and for other special situations which might arise.

Registration Through Final Term

All work terms must be completed before the final academic term and the last work report must be submitted no later than the beginning of the final academic term. In all Co-operative programs, students must be registered as full-time students in the program in all terms from point of entry through to the final academic term. The only exception occurs in programs on a credit system in which a student may have sufficient credits to be able to register as a part-time student in the final term, provided all full-time term requirements of the Faculty have been met.


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