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Seeking Employment and Employer Interviews

Seeking Employment

Students are expected to seek employment through the interview process arranged by Co-operative Education and Career Services. The interview process occurs each term and consists of two distinct interview procedures. The "rank/match" process begins approximately a month after the start of the academic term. Employers arrange to come on campus for a block period of time, usually 21/2 weeks, to interview applicants. At the end of the period the rankings of the employers and the students are "matched" and the results posted. Thereafter employers are continually on campus interviewing and making job offers on a RcontinuousS basis. Under this system students are expected to accept their first job offer. Students must consult with the appropriate department staff member immediately after an interview if they cannot commit to the job as discussed.

Students may not seek employment directly with a Co-operative employer unless specific arrangements are made with the Department. Students who wish to arrange their own work term employment must have the position evaluated by the Department before it can be considered for credit.

Initial Job Application

The maximum number of initial job applications allowed may vary from time to time, depending on the number of job opportunities and students seeking employment. The maximum number will be specified in co-op publications.

Release of Information

For those students seeking employment through the interview process, copies of their Co-operative Student Record, academic grades and resumés are made available to prospective employers. A file which includes the Co-operative Student Record, mark reports, "Employer Evaluation of Co-operative Student" forms, records of Co-ordinator interviews, etc., is kept for each Co-operative student. This confidential file is made available for examination with proof of identification. No information may be removed from the file.

Missing Interviews

Students are expected to attend all individual interviews granted to them. Students who anticipate missing an interview for just cause should inform the Department immediately so that other arrangements can be made. Students who miss interviews without just cause may be withdrawn from the placement program and placed "On Own - University Imposed".

Signing Off Employment

Students may remove themselves from consideration for a potential job before the offer is made. The reason must be in writing and consistent with Departmental guidelines. Failure to obtain approval for a sign off may result in the student being placed "On Own - University Imposed".

Acceptance of Employment

When students receive an offer of employment, they sign an "Acceptance of Employment" form, signifying their knowledge of having a work-term commitment with an employer.

Letter of Acceptance

Each student is expected to write a letter of acceptance to the employer following notification of employment.


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