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Work Reports


Generally, the minimum number of satisfactory work reports required for graduation is four, the first one to be written during the first work term. Exceptions to this requirement are stated in the calendar or in the individual student's file. Employers may also require additional reports from students as part of the job. Normally, for a report to be considered, it must have been written during the work term and be related to or evoked by the work-term activity.


Work reports are graded as "Outstanding", "Very Good", "Satisfactory", "Unsatisfactory" (resubmit) or "Unacceptable". Provision is made for students to upgrade "Unsatisfactory" work reports for re-evaluation by the beginning of the student's next academic term.

Content and Format

The University provides a common set of written guidelines for all Co-operative programs. Some Faculties/Departments also provide written addenda.


In programs where a faculty member or a Co-ordinator normally evaluates the report, provision may be made for the appropriate Co-ordinator or Employer to evaluate a confidential report. Some Faculties/Departments may provide more specific requirements in published addenda. Students should consult with their Co-ordinator or Program Administrator before writing a confidential work report.


Each program has a policy stating that work reports are evaluated and graded by either a faculty member, an Employer, a Co-ordinator or some combination of these.

Receipt and Return

When the work report is to be evaluated by a faculty member or a Co-ordinator, the report is presented by the student to the Department of Co-operative Education and Career Services and a receipt is issued. Normally, the report may be retrieved from the Faculty/Department responsible for the evaluation. Reports that are not picked up by the first week of the student's next academic term are destroyed. If the student is in a program where the Employer evaluates and grades the report, a copy of the report must be turned in to the Department of Co-operative Education and Career Services at return-to-campus time. No copy is required if the report has been declared "confidential" by the Employer.


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