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Applied Health Sciences Computing Office

Associate Dean for Computing
R.P. Wells, BSc (Manchester), MEng (McMaster), PhD (Manchester)

Co-ordinator of Computing
T.O. Stewart, BA, MA (Waterloo)

The mandate of the Applied Health Sciences Computing Office is to provide a wide range of computing and consulting support for students, faculty and staff of Applied Health Sciences.

The Computing Office maintains a UNIX server for general computing and especially for the analysis of large statistical databases. X-windows workstations allow access to various UNIX-based graphical software.

The Computing Office also maintains a WATSTAR network for students that provides access to a full range of PC-based software, including Windows applications, word processing, statistical and graphics software.

In the research labs, many other forms of computing and testing equipment are supported. Equipment varies by area of study and includes highly specialized commercial and custom equipment.

Computing and statistical consulting are provided on a regular basis. Courses on the use of equipment and software are offered frequently both by the Applied Health Sciences Computing Office and by the Department of Computing Services.