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Arts Computing Office

Associate Dean for Computing and Research
L.L. Haworth, BA (Rollins), MA, PhD (Illinois)

V.G. Neglia, BSc (Waterloo)

The Arts Computing Office (ACO) is a computer resource and consulting facility for members of the Faculty of Arts. The Office addresses the special computing needs of those in the Humanities and Social Sciences. To this end the office is staffed by trained consultants available to help users with their problems. The ACO operates UNIX systems on DEC 5000 and DEC 2100 computers and a WATSTAR system which is a network of IBM PC microcomputers. The WATSTAR and UNIX systems are connected to the campus network enabling file transfer, electronic mail and other internet services between these systems and other systems on and off campus. Both undergraduate and graduate students registered in the Faculty of Arts may apply for a computer account for word processing and other applications such as speadsheets and graphics. There is a charge for this account. There is no charge for accounts that are provided as part of an academic course. The cost of printing draft quality documents is included with any account. Documents requiring high quality may be printed on Postscript Laser printers available 24 hours a day for a small charge. Public terminals and microcomputer workstations reserved for use by members of the Faculty are located in PAS 1098, PAS 1080, PAS 1084, PAS 1087 and HH 236. Printer facilities are located in HH 236 and PAS 1099.