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Department of Computing Services

P.H. Dirksen, BSc, MA (Waterloo)

Associate Directors
J.P. Sprung, BASc (Toronto), MA (Waterloo) - Operations
B.E. Uttley, BMath (Waterloo) - Systems and Development
R.W. Watt, BSc, MMath (Waterloo) - Distributed Computing

The Department of Computing Services (DCS) is located on the first two floors of the Mathematics and Computer (MC) building. DCS provides user- and system-support services and maintains and operates the University's campus computer network, terminal-to-host communication facilities, and central computing facilities.

The campus computer network is part of the worldwide "Internet" computer network. Remote access to computers in the campus network is possible from the Internet, from Kitchener/Waterloo area via local telephone calls, from elsewhere in Canada via Datapac, and from other countries via their international connections to Datapac.

The central computing facilities are provided for instruction, research, and administrative use to augment facilities provided by the academic units. Computing resources for use by graduate and undergraduate students are provided within the faculty in which the student is enrolled, although a few academic units still use the central computing facilities for special-purpose applications.

The central facilities include a multi-user UNIX system, multiple-choice-exam scoring, colour and black-and-white image scanners and laser printers, and various shareware software servers. There is also a small lab of Apple Macintosh computers and IBM PCs for which students can obtain a user-id for a small monthly charge.

DCS also provides a variety of user-support services, available without charge to all members of the university community:

Courses: instruction in the use of the university-supported applications software, programming languages, and DOS, MacOS, and UNIX computing systems.

Consulting Offices (MC-1050, BMH-2326, PAS-1077, E2-2349A, ES2-190A, ESC-254B): to help you resolve difficulties encountered in the process of using a computer. The MC location is the DCS "Customer Support Centre" and also contains computing-system reference documentation and access to file servers containing DOS and MacOS software that you can copy for use on your own computer.

For information on any of above, please contact one of the Consulting Office locations.


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