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Environmental Studies Computing: Mapping, Analisys and Design

Associate Dean, Computing
G.B. Hall, BA Hons (Otago, New Zealand), MA, PhD (McMaster)

Information and Services Technology Manager
M. Dumancic, BMath, MA (Waterloo)

Instructional Network Manager
M. Ruehlicke

Digital Image Systems Manager
J. Piwowar, BES, MA (Waterloo)

Modelling and Design Systems Manager
P. Ochotta, BFA (Alberta), BArch (Waterloo)

Instruction and Information Systems Manager
L. Elliot, BES, MA (Waterloo)

The Mapping, Analysis and Design (MAD) facility provides a wide range of computing and consulting support for students, faculty and staff in Environmental Studies. Students have access to basic and advanced computing equipment, as required by their studiesa

MAD supports three Macintosh computer networks which are available for graduate and undergraduate student use. The networks provide access to widely used productivity tools such as word processing, spreadsheets, statistical analysis, graphics packages, architectural design applications as well as advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in areas such as remote sensing and computer cartographya

MAD also supports a network of UNIX workstations for use in computer assisted architectural design, geographic information systems, remote sensing and information analysis located in the Magellan Centre. In addition, the John Geddes GIS Lab provides a network of PC based geographic information system toolsa

Training sessions and consulting are provided by MAD staff and the Department of Computing Services.


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