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Mathematics Faculty Computing Facility (MFCF)

J. Black, BSc (Calgary), Diplôme d'Ingénieur (Grenoble), PhD (Waterloo)

Manager - Hardware
K.L. Martin, BSc (New Brunswick), MASc (Waterloo), PEng

Manager - Software
W.C.W. Ince, BMath, MMath (Waterloo)

Manager - Operations
G.P. Embro

The Mathematics Faculty Computing Facility (MFCF) hasJa dual mandate to provide researchers in the Faculty with shared access to general computing facilities, and to provide all departments of the Mathematics Faculty with computing services supplementary to those available from the Department of Computing Services. The principal service provided to meet this mandate is general purpose time-sharing.

At the present time, MFCF operates a wide range of UNIX equipment from manufacturers such as DEC, Sun, IBM, Sequent, and Silicon Graphics. Most users access these from colour or black and white X-terminals. Software includes several text editors, electronic mail, user-controlled archiving, plotting, text formatting, typesetting, and a wide range of general and special-purpose languages.

Communication between machines is primarily implemented with Ethernets. Traffic between machines consists primarily of file transfers, electronic mail, print requests, software distribution, and remote logins. MFCF participates in the campus and worldwide internets, providing all members of the faculty with access to this important information resource in general, and to electronic mail and news in particular.

Users at terminals may access machines operated by MFCF via Ethernet, a campus-wide Sytek local area network, Gandalf modems, dial-up telephone lines, or Datapac. Hard-copy output can be obtained from a variety of line printers and laser printers. Many of the graduate student offices are equipped with X-terminals, which provide access to any of the on-campus computers. Terminal rooms, which contain X-window terminals and a laser printer, are also provided for the use of faculty and graduate students.

MFCF operates a number of laboratories for use in graduate and undergraduate courses. These include a real-time programming lab, a microsystems lab, a Maple instructional lab, and two Macintosh labs for first-year computer science courses.

The MFCF is located in the Mathematics and Computer Building.


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