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Science Faculty Computing

Associate Dean for Computing
I.L. Gibson, BSc, PhD (Imperial College, London)

Computer Liaison Officer
A. Fleming, BMath (Waterloo)

The Faculty of Science has a broad range of computing facilities available to undergraduates. Courses are taught using four WATSTAR networks, one in each of the four Departments, and a Novell network in the School of Optometry. These networks are used by students in many courses. The networks typically have eight to 32 IBM-PC microcomputers linked to a central "file server" unit. Students are allocated disk space on this unit according to the requirements of the courses. For general student use software for word processing, graphics, statistics and general programming is provided. The network work-stations are linked to a laser printer, a plotter and a film recorder for high quality output. Students will also encounter computers in many of the laboratories as they are used as data acquisition and analysis systems in many scientific experiments. In the Microcomputer Interface Laboratory in the Department of Physics, students gain "hands-on" experience in both the hardware and software aspects of such interfacing.

To enable students to gain experience in the UNIX environment, students may obtain accounts on the Faculty server SCIBORG. This DEC machine, running under Ultrix, provides a broad range of additional software resources, as well as providing access to the Internet with Telnet and FTP.

An experimental laboratory of ten X-Windows workstations is also to be installed in the Fall of 1994 for the use of senior undergraduate students within the Faculty, primarily for use with graphics and modelling software.

Plans are also underway to provide software support for student-owned microcomputers.

More information on Computing Resources within the Faculty can be obtained from: Allan Fleming or Bob Hicks in ESC 254.


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