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Courses not offered in the current academic year are listed at the end of this section.


  1. Courses designated "Arts", those listed below, usually cover some topics and themes of general interest to several disciplines and their presentation is often made with this interdisciplinary perspective in view.
  2. Arts courses are elective courses in General and Honours programs and, except for ARTS 301, do not satisfy either the Group A or Group B requirements.

ARTS 122 0.5
Quest for Meaning in the 20th Century
This course invites students to a quest for personal and corporate meaning in the context of a century in which traditional meanings and definitions have been challenged by world wars, nuclear threat and rapidly shifting sexual, social, economic, and religious values.

ARTS 301 0.5
Studies in the Humanities
A one-term multi-disciplinary study of the humanities, including art and music as well as literature, history and religious studies. In addition to the principal professor, visiting lecturers from the different disciplines enable the student to see each discipline through expert eyes. Also discussion of the nature of the humanities, and their role in life, business, etc.
Prereq: Second-year standing
Counts toward the A(i) requirement
Formerly ARTS 100

Courses not offered 1995-96
ARTS 215 A/B Man in Crisis (Literary Views)
ARTS 225 Mennonite Authors and Artists

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