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Undergraduate Officer
R. Priddle, ECH 1105, ext. 6013

Courses not offered in the current academic year are listed at the end of this section.


DANCE 110 F 3C 0.5
Introduction to Dance
An examination of theatre dance and the various professional activities which contribute to its growth. Extensive viewing of films, videos, slides and live performance as well as lectures, discussions and workshop sessions.
No dance background necessary.

DANCE 111 W 2C,1std 0.5
The Elements of Dance
An examination, practical and theoretical, of the formal and thematic components of dance. Studio sessions deal with problem solving in space, dynamics and rhythm.
No dance background necessary.


DANCE 234 W 3C 0.5
Women and Theatre Dance
An examination of the place of women in Western theatre dance from the 17th century to the present. With the help of film, video and readings we will discuss the accomplishments of selected female dancers and choreographers. We will also study the work of recent writers and researchers who have tried to understand the role of women in the dance traditions of Europe, India and North America.


DANCE 300 W 3std 0.5
Special Studies in Dance 2
Participation in a dance production, and the study of related problems in choreography, rehearsal, production and performance.
Prereq: DANCE 200
Coreq: Intermediate Ballet and Modern Dance or permission of instructor

DANCE 336 F 3C 0.5
Dance Criticism
This course offers students a chance to enhance their abilities to write and talk about the dance experience. Examples of dance criticism from the past two centuries are used in tandem with films, videos, slides, live performance and guest lecturers to sharpen perceptions.

DANCE 353 F 2C,2std 0.5
Modern Dance Composition
This course explores major forms and theories of modern dance choreography through studio practice and seminars.
Co-req: Intermediate Modern Dance or permission of instructor


DANCE 409 F,W 0.5
Senior Essay
An extensive critical review of the literature on an approved topic which will be broader in scope than those associated with specific research proposals (see DANCE 410). Students must register by topic area listed below.
Prereq: Fourth-year Honours Dance. For specific prereq electives by topic area, see below.

DANCE 410 F,W 0.5
Research Proposal
An independent paper in the form of a research proposal on an approved topic. The research may be experimental, descriptive, historical or philosophical in nature. The format will be determined in conjunction with the research advisor. Students must register by topic area listed below.
Prereq: Fourth-year Honours Dance and a suitable preparation in research methods. For specific prereq electives by topic area, see below.

DANCE 411 F,W 0.5
Research Project
This is the completion of the research proposal in DANCE 410. The format is to be determined with the supervisor and may be in chapters or in journal style.
Prereq: DANCE 410
Prereq electives by topic area (when offered)
B: Skill Learning: DANCE 264, 366, 367,
C: Socio-cultural Issues in Dance: E 371
D: Dance Notation: DANCE 441 or 482 (Benesh), or DANCE 442 or 484 (Labanotation)
E: Dance History: DANCE 333, 334 or 343
F: Developmental Studies with Children in Dance: DANCE 264, 367, 484. Recommend auditing PSYCH 211

DANCE 412 F 3C 0.5
Seminar in Dance
An examination of current and major issues in dance.
Prereq: Honours Dance students only

DANCE 442 W 3C 0.5
Advanced Studies in Labanotation
A theoretical and practical study of Labanotation to the advanced level, including detailed analysis needed for current dance and non-dance applications. Students will experience the process of preparing a full notation score.
Prereq: DANCE 342

DANCE 474 F,W 0.5
Directed Study on Special Topics
For the student who wishes to pursue a particular topic in depth through guided independent research and/or reading. A faculty member must approve a student's project prior to registration. This course may be repeated in subsequent terms.
Prereq: Permission of instructor

DANCE 480 F,W wkshp 0.5
Workshop Series
The following courses are designed to give the student an opportunity to take theoretical knowledge to the applied setting. Offerings each year are determined by student interests. Topics available include:
DANCE 481 Ballet Choreography
Prereq: DANCE 351 and Elementary Ballet
Coreq: Intermediate Ballet

DANCE 482 Dance Notation Reconstruction
Prereq: DANCE 341 or 342

DANCE 483 Modern Dance Composition
Prereq: DANCE 353 and Intermediate Modern Dance
Coreq: Advanced Modern Dance

DANCE 484 Developmental Consideration of Applied Movement with
Children and Adolescents
Prereq: DANCE 264 and one of DANCE 366 or 367

DANCE 486 Dance Criticism
Prereq: DANCE 336, 235, 333

DANCE 488 Dance Production
Prereq: DRAMA 243 or 348

The Workshop series is open only to third- and fourth-year Dance students.
Two workshops in the 480 series may be taken toward the Honours degree.
Workshops are offered pending sufficient enrolment.

Courses not offered 1995-96
DANCE 200 Special Studies in Dance 1
DANCE 230 Roots of Western Theatre Dance
DANCE 235 History of 20th-Century Dance
DANCE 241 Benesh Notation 1
DANCE 242 Labanotation 1
DANCE 264 Developmental Aspects of Movement (see KIN 264)
DANCE 266 Principles of Dance Technique
DANCE 333 Canadian Perspectives on Theatre Dance
DANCE 341 Benesh Notation 2
DANCE 342 Labanotation 2
DANCE 351 Ballet Choreography
DANCE 366 Developmental Foundations of Dance Technique
DANCE 367 Developmental Aspects of Movement Learning
DANCE 371 Issues in Dance and Society
DANCE 441 Advanced Studies in Benesh Notation

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