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Geological Engineering

Undergraduate Officer
M. Dusseault, PHY-208A, ext. 4590


GEO E 126 S 2C,3L 0.5
Geological Engineering Concepts
An introduction to physical geology and earth processes. Geological time, introduction to earth, air and water processes including vulcanism, sedimentation, weathering, lithification, continental drift, radioactive dating, hydrogeology, pedology, resources, mass wasting, erosion.


GEO E 400 F 1C,4T 0.5
Geological Engineering Thesis 1

GEO E 401 W 1C,4T 0.5
Geological Engineering Thesis 2
GEO E 400 and GEO E 401 serve the role of an undergraduate thesis. Specifically, the student is expected to work with a staff member in Civil Engineering, Earth Sciences, or other appropriate department in identifying and carrying out a suitable short design or research project. The final product will be presented in thesis form and carefully scrutinized by two independent referees chosen for their familiarity with the topic. The subject may be laboratory based, analytic, numerical, or field oriented. The thesis format must follow accepted engineering practice and be of professional quality. All other courses in the Geological Engineering program are listed under the course descriptions in Earth Sciences or Civil Engineering. A detailed booklet describing Geological Engineering is available in Room 2304, Engineering 2.

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