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Undergraduate Officer
P.J. Harrigan, HH 114, ext. 3768

Courses not offered in the current academic year are listed at the end of this section.


HIST 100 F 0.5
History of Modern Europe 1600-1945
A thematic introduction to the rise and decline of European States, 1600-1945.
Recommended for all first-year students considering History as a major.

HIST 102C W 0.5
The Origins of Wars in the Twentieth Century
An analysis of the diplomatic, political, economic, ideological, social and cultural explanations of the causes of the major wars of this century.

HIST 102E F,W 0.5
Canadian History
Selected major themes from pioneer life to Canadian involvement in 20th-century wars.
Offered at St. Jerome's College

HIST 102M F 0.5
Law and Society in the Middle Ages: 500-1000
A study of the laws and legal procedures of the Early Middle Ages. Anglo-Saxon and Germanic law will be examined along with legal procedures and institutions of that era.
Offered at St. Jerome's College

HIST 130 W,S 0.5
The Modern World in Historical Perspective
This course will introduce students to the history of the twentieth- century world, through an exploration of the changing nature of relationships between different parts of the globe.


HIST 200 F 0.5
History and Film
An introduction to issues in modern cultural history through the study of selected narratives and documentary films with supplementary reading, lectures and discussions.

HIST 203 F 0.5
Modern Quebec
The course will discuss the problem of Quebec in contemporary Canada by analyzing the historical background of key issues like separatism, the survival of the French language, French-Canadian nationalism and the Quiet Revolution.

HIST 204 W 0.5
Life on the Ontario Frontier
The course examines the cultural, moral, social and economic adaptations of European settlers to the Upper Canadian frontier environment.

HIST 208 F 0.5
American-Russian Relations Since November, 1917
Traditional and revisionist historians examine the history of this super-power rivalry: Wilson vs. Lenin; F.D.R., Truman and Stalin; containment, coexistence, and the politics of crisis from 1945 to the present.

HIST 209 F 0.5
Health, Disease and Medicine in Canadian History, 1500-1984
Starting with Amerindian medicine, the course will examine topics such as the rise of the medical and nursing professions, changing public attitudes to health and disease, and the evolution of the Canadian health insurance system.

HIST 210 W 0.5
History of Law
An historical introduction to law in the Ancient world. Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite and Roman law and legal practices and concepts will be examined.
Offered at St. Jerome's College

HIST 211 F 0.5
British History to 1603
A survey of the main stages in the transition of Britain from a remote province of the Roman Empire to a prominent state of post- Reformation Europe. Within the chronological framework, political and constitutional as well as ecclesiastical and social developments will be examined.
Offered at St. Jerome's College

HIST 213 W 0.5
Modern Western Popular culture
This course examines historically the formation of a distinct modern western popular culture, looking primarily at Britain, France, Canada and the United States from around 1850 to the present and emphasizing such aspects as industrialism and leisure, the family and sexual attitudes, religion and popular belief, education and literacy, drinking habits, organized sport and mass entertainment.

HIST 215A F 0.5
Canadian Women in Historical Perspective: Forming Identities, 1600-1910
This course will examine Aboriginal women in the pre-contact period, the women of New France, the impact of industrialization on women's lives in British North America and the beginnings of the first women's movement. Emphasis will be given to the interrelationship between women and their society. The course will analyze their economic, legal and political status; the private lives of women; and the rise of women's activism.
Offered at Renison College
Antireq: HIST 215

HIST 215B W 0.5
Canadian Women in Historical Perspective: Breaking Through, 1910-1990
This course will examine the history of women in Canada from the late 19th century to the present day. Emphasis will be given to the interrelationship between women and their society. Topics studied will include women's changing economic, social and political roles, education, sexuality, and the emergence of modern feminism.
Antireq: HIST 215

HIST 221 F 0.5
Race Relations in Canada: An Historical Perspective
This course will examine Euro-Canadian attitudes and practices toward non-European minorities from pioneer times to the present, and will set racial policies in the context of the evolution of a Canadian national identity.

HIST 234 F 0.5
Catholic Church in Canada since Confederation
An examination of the Catholic Church in Canada since Confederation, with an emphasis on social and political influrences.
Offered at St. Jerome's College

HIST 235 F 0.5
History of Christianity
The development of Christianity in its Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant traditions from the time of Christ to the present.
Offered at Conrad Grebel College
Cross-listed as RS 230

HIST 239 F 0.5
History of Modern China, 1911 to the Present
Some of the topics studied in this course include: the three stages of warlordism, the May Fourth Movement and the structure of society in the People's Republic of China.

HIST 240 W 0.5
20th-Century Japanese History
This course will examine the historical influences, both domestic and foreign, which led Japan to follow the course which has brought it to the present status of a powerful Asian nation.

HIST 241 W 0.5
Society and the Sexes in Early Modern Europe
This course will examine the changing importance of gender roles from the 15th to the 18th centuries. It will focus on topics such as sexuality, marriage, the family and the role of women in society and the work force.

HIST 247 F 0.5
Mennonite History: A Survey
This course covers Mennonite origins, teachings, migrations, settlement patterns, divisions, leaders, institutions, and religious and social practices, indeed all facets of Mennonite history in various national settings.
Offered at Conrad Grebel College

HIST 250 F 0.5
The Art and Craft of History
This course will provide a collegial learning setting within which students will be introduced to techniques of historical writing and research, and some examples of the best of recent historical scholarship. Recommended for all Year Two History majors. Other students will need the written permission of the professors to take this course.

HIST 253 F 0.5
Canadian History: The Colonial Period
This course examines the major themes in pre-Confederation Canadian history including the rise and fall of New France, the creation of British North American societies in the Maritimes and Upper Canada and economic and political development.
Also offered at St. Jerome's College

HIST 254 W,S 0.5
Canadian History: The National Period
This course examines Confederation, the rise of political parties, Canadian external relations, western discontent, the impact of both world wars and political and economic changes in Canada since 1945.
Also offered at St. Jerome's College

HIST 255 F 0.5
The Expansion of England
The history of the British Empire down to the American War of Independence, telling the story of the Tudor seadogs, of the plantation of Ireland, the settlement of the North American mainland, the establishment of slave plantations in the Caribbean, and the earliest British enterprises in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

HIST 256 W 0.5
The British Empire and Commonwealth
The history of British imperialism between the loss of the American colonies and the Falklands Islands War of 1982, tracing the rise of the settlement colonies to dominion status, the huge expansion of the dependent empire during the age of the New Imperialism, the imperial apogee after World War I, and the rapid change from Empire to New Commonwealth after World War II.

HIST 257 F 0.5
The United States to 1990
From the British provincial society of the 18th century to the emergence of modern America. Special emphasis on the American character, and on the moral dilemmas of republicanism and democracy, freedom and slavery, equality and competition.

HIST 258 W 0.5
America: 20th-Century
An analysis of two major themes: how America managed political reform and social change at home, and its emergence as a world power.

HIST 260 F 0.5
Europe: 814-1303
The political, cultural, economic and ecclesiastical development of Europe from Charlemagne to Philip IV of France.
Offered at St. Jerome's College

HIST 262 W 0.5
Europe: 16th to 18th Century
An introduction to the social and cultural history of Europe (including England) from the 16th century to the French Revolution. The course will focus on topics such as the social structure, daily life, the role of women and the family.

HIST 263 W 0.5
Europe: 1789-1945
The growth of nationalism and nation states since the French revolution with attention to the Industrial Revolution, the World Wars, Fascism, Naziism and Stalinism.

HIST 264 S 0.5
Europe Since 1945
Europe since the end of World War II. Focus will be on the Cold War, political and social movements.


HIST 300 W 0.5
The Idea of History
The course is an introduction to the Philosophy of History and to historiography from the 19th century to the present. It deals with the great theoretical issues influencing historical analysis and with the classics of historical literature.
Highly recommended for Year Three History majors.

HIST 304 F 0.5
Medieval Church History
An exploration of the development of the Church from 604 to 1449. Topics will include leadership struggles in church and state, crusades, heresy and inquisition, the western schism and the conciliar period.
Offered at St. Jerome's College
Cross-listed as RS 325

HIST 305 F 0.5
Tudor and Stuart England
A history of England from 1485 to 1714 discussing topics including the Tudor and Stuart monarchs, the Reformation, the Civil War and Cromwellian era, and the rise of parliamentary institutions.

HIST 315 F 0.5
American Cultural History 1: Words and Things
An intermediate-level exploration of concepts in cultural studies: mentalities, representations, cultural production and reproduction. Early settler societies and the emergence of the Republic and of a national culture will be examined. Specific themes will include ideas and practices of virtue, craftsmanship, obligation, time, family, work, from the age of Edwards and Franklin to that of Tocqueville and Emerson.

HIST 320 F 0.5
The History of Modern Quebec
The course will treat the history of Quebec from 1867 to the present. Nationalism, separatism, language and cultural problems, economic and social issues are all examined in their historical context.

HIST 321 W 0.5
Race Relations in Modern History: Case Studies
A detailed analysis of topics in the history of race relations intended primarily for students who have completed HIST 221 or other background to the subject. Special attention will be paid to revolutionary developments since World War II, and to the emergence of modern human rights policies.

HIST 325 F 0.5
History of Native Peoples in Canada to 1870
This course examines aspects of Aboriginal social organization, economic activities and spirituality, as well as the impact of European contact upon Native societies. Issues such as the fur trade, missionization, and the development of government policy regarding Native Peoples will also be treated through lectures and discussions.

HIST 326 W 0.5
Native People in Canada: An Historical and Contemporary Perspective Since 1870
This course focuses upon both the impact of colonialism and the First Nations' efforts to resist the erosion of their autonomy since 1870. Issues such as the nature of the Indian Act, treaties and land claims will be studied. Contemporary concerns such as the growth of Native political organizations, the impact of the child welfare system and the struggle for self-government will be addressed.

HIST 329 W 0.5
Origins of the Common Law
A study of the common law of England from its introduction in the 11th century to the 15th century. Original documents and court cases will be examined.
Offered at St. Jerome's College

HIST 346 F 0.5
Mennonite History: Special Topics
This course considers the Mennonite experience within specific geographic and historical settings (for example, those of the former Soviet Union/Russia or Canada).
Offered at Conrad Grebel College

HIST 348 W 0.5
The Radical Reformation
A study of 16th century Anabaptism - a religious Reformation movement dissenting from both Protestantism and Roman Catholicism - its origins, its social, political, and theological content; and its relationship to such independent dissenters as Sebastian Franck.
Offered at Conrad Grebel College
Cross-listed as RS 322

HIST 350 W 0.5
British West Indian History
A survey history of the British Caribbean, widely defined. Topics emphasized include early colonization, plantations, slave society, abolition and emancipation, the growth of nationalism, independence, and the roots of contemporary poblems.

HIST 355 F 0.5
Russian History to 1900
The course will focus on selected themes in the development of Muscovite and Imperial Russia from pre-tsarist times to the beginning of the 20th century.

HIST 356 W 0.5
20th-Century Russia
The course will focus on selected themes in Russia's development in the 20th century including the Soviet period.

HIST 385 W 0.5
Canada: From Macdonald to Laurier
An analytical and historical examination of the development of the Canadian nation from Confederation to the First World War.

HIST 390 F 0.5
Shaping the Canadian City, 1880-1990
Introduction to retrospective policy analysis as applied to contemporary urban topics. Focuses on the history of environmental issues such as pollution and water management and social problems in health, education, welfare and culture.

HIST 397 F,W,S 0.5
Directed Studies in Special Topics
Study in a limited field under tutorial guidance. A high standard of written work will be expected.

HIST 398 F,W,S 0.5
Directed Studies in Special Topics
Study in a limited field under tutorial guidance. A high standard of written work will be expected.

400 Level
Senior Seminars
Each term of a senior seminar counts 1.0 credit. Seminars with the suffix "A" are reading seminars designed to give students an extensive acquaintance with scholarship in a particular field of history. Seminars with the suffix "B" are research seminars in which students will engage in research on particular topics in that field. Students should preregister for senior seminars, and for HIST 491, Independent Study in Special Subjects.
400-level seminars are normally restricted to Honours History students in their 3B term or fourth-year. (Honours History students include those in History/Applied Studies Co-op and Joint Honours programs.) No student may take more than two 400-level seminars with the same professor.


HIST 401A F,W*,S 1.0HIST 401B S 1.0
* Offered at St. Jerome's College

HIST 403A F*,S 1.0HIST 403B W*,S 1.0
* Also offered at St. Jerome's College

HIST 405A F 1.0HIST 405B W 1.0

HIST 407A F 1.0HIST 407B W 1.0

HIST 409A F,S 1.0HIST 409B W,S 1.0

HIST 491 F,W,S 1.0
Independent Study in Special Subjects

Courses not offered 1995-96
HIST 102F Western Intellectual History
HIST 102N Introduction to African History
HIST 201 Canadian Urban History
HIST 202 Individual and the Family
HIST 206 History of Canadian Minorities
HIST 207 Canadian Labour History
HIST 212 British History since 1603
HIST 218 German History, 1740-1945
HIST 222 History of Modern Revolutions
HIST 230 Church and Revolution in Latin America
HIST 237 Ancient Civilization 1
HIST 238 Ancient Civilization 2
HIST 248 History of Canadian-American Relations to 1914
HIST 249 Canadian-American Relations Since 1914
HIST 261 Europe: 14th to 16th Century
HIST 307 British History 1760-1867
HIST 308 Britain since 1867
HIST 316 Amercian Cultural History 2
HIST 319 French-Canadian History
HIST 358 History of Modern Germany
HIST 379 Reformation History
HIST 387 Ontario History
HIST 389 Canada in World Affairs
HIST 396 American South
HIST 400A/B Reformation
HIST 402A/B Russian
HIST 410A/B Historiography

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