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Middle East Studies

Undergraduate Officer
L.A. Curchin, ML 238, ext. 6883

Note: Middle East Studies courses and approved courses are listed in "Interdisciplinary Programs"


MES 107A S 2C,2T 0.5
Introductory Standard Arabic
An introduction to reading and writing standard (classical) Arabic, the language used in literature, newspapers and the Quran. Fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. By the end of the course, students will be able to read and translate at an introductory level.
Not open to native speakers of Arabic.
Cross-listed as RS 107A


MES 200 W 3C 0.5
Introduction to the Middle East
An interdisciplinary introduction to the Middle East, its geography, history, culture, religious and political diversity.


MES 300A-D
Special Topics on the Middle East

MES 302A-D F,W,S 0.5
Directed Studies on the Middle East
This is an independent, directed studies project on a Middle East topic. Students select an appropriate advisor, agree on a topic, obtain approval from the MES Director of the Option, and work with the advisor.
Prereq: MES 200, plus either two courses from the Middle
East Content Courses or consent of instructor

MES 350A-D
Study-Travel Seminar in the Middle East
Cross-listed as RS 369A-F

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