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Mathematics Electives

Undergraduate Office
MC 5115, ext.3905

Note: MTHEL courses are not restricted to students in the Faculty of Mathematics. When taken by Mathematics students, MTHEL courses count as non-mathematics courses.

MTHEL 100 F,S 2C 0.5
Commercial and Business Law for Mathematics Students
The Judicial Process, Contract Law, Agency, Bankruptcy, Negotiable Instruments, Law of Banking, Insurance Law, Partnership Law, Company Law; Torts, Real Estate Law.
Antireq: ACC 231

MTHEL 102 W,S 3C 0.5
Uses and Abuses of Statistics
This course provides an appreciation of how to correctly use statistical arguments in a wide variety of applications. Topics include descriptive statistics, sample surveys, experimental design, index numbers, regression models.

MTHEL 206A F,S 2C 0.5
Introduction to Mathematics Education
Current trends in education, professional practices and administration, the role of the department head, lesson planning, techniques of teaching, evaluation of students, special students, extracurricular activities, the relationship between elementary and secondary school mathematics, audio-visual materials.
Prereq: Consent of instructor
This course is open only to students in the Co-op Math/Teaching Option.

MTHEL 305A F 3C 0.5
General Life Insurance 1
Types of Life Insurance contracts and their uses, basis of risk measurements, modified valuation methods, non-forfeiture values, dividend formulae, selection of risks, substandard risks, and principles of reinsurance.

MTHEL 305B W,S 3C 0.5
General Life Insurance 2
Legal aspects of life insurance, settlement options, principles of group and industrial insurance, organization and structure of life insurance companies, financial statements, the mathematics underlying insurance taxation.
Prereq: MTHEL 305A

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