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Management Sciences

Undergraduate Officer
F. Safayeni, CPH 4303, ext. 2226


M SCI 211 F,S 3C,1T 0.5
Organizational Behaviour
Introduction to the concepts of learning, person perception, attitudes and motivation in an organization. Consideration of communication, roles, norms and decision making within a group. Discussion of power, control, leadership and management in light of the above concepts.
Antireq: PSYCH 333 or 338

M SCI 251 F,W 3C 0.5
Probability and Statistics 1
Axiomatic development of probability. Conditional probability, Bayes' Theorem and independence. Discrete and continuous random variables. Special cases of uniform, binomial, Poisson, and normal mathematical expectation. Derived distributions. Sampling from normal populations. Estimating parameters and testing hypotheses.

M SCI 261 W,S 3C,1T 0.5
Managerial and Engineering Economics 1
This course is designed to satisfy Engineering Economics requirements of the Canadian Accreditation Board. Price and output decisions. Choosing among alternative inputs and production processes. Evaluating alternative investments, equipment service life, and new products.


M SCI 311 F,W 3C 0.5
Organizational Design and Technology
The focus of this course is on the procedures and variables involved in the design and redesign of organizations. Issues such as departmentation, differentiation, integration, internal politics, innovation, authority and control are discussed in the context of the underlying technology of the organization. Emphasis will be placed on how one designs both the technical and the organizational systems to ensure their compatibility, noting the effects that one has on the other.

M SCI 331 F,W,S 3C 0.5
Operations Research 1
The Operations Research approach to problem solving. Deterministic mathematical programming including linear programming, transportation method, assignment problem, network methods, and dynamic programming. Elements of deterministic inventory models.


M SCI 431 W 3C 0.5
Operations Research 2
Classification of stochastic processes. Recurrent events including birth and death processes, and branching processes. Waiting line models and applications. Markov processes and decision problems. Applications include inventory control, reliability, equipment replacement, maintenance, design of service facilities, etc.
Prereq: M SCI 251 or equivalent and M SCI 331

M SCI 432 F,W,S 3C 0.5
Introduction to Production Management
Introduction to a number of problem areas in the management of production/industrial engineering. Topics chosen from production planning and inventory control, planning/control of large projects, quality control, reliability/maintenance, facilities layout, job design, production standards and work measurement.
Prereq: M SCI 331, C&O 350, or equivalent

M SCI 441 W 3C 0.5
Management of Information Systems
Structures, functions and processes of development of computer hardware, software and databases for the management of information. Concepts of information, humans as information processors, information management concepts, introduction to information systems analysis.

M SCI 452 3C,1T 0.5
Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Review of probability, distribution theory, and classical statistical inference methods. Linear statistical models, analysis of variance, regression. Bayesian analysis, contingent decision making, value of information, utility and risk.
Prereq: M SCI 251 or equivalent
Antireq: SY DE 334

M SCI 461 S,F 3C,1T 0.5
Managerial and Engineering Economics 2
The course is concerned with cost minimizing choices of inputs to production. Topics to be considered are: production functions and cost functions; the relation between "size" and unit cost; labour inputs, labour as a quasi-fixed input; productivity measurement; learning-by-doing; capital inputs, investment rules, capacity decisions under scale economies.
Prereq: M SCI 261 or equivalent

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