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Peace and Conflict Studies

Undergraduate Officer
T.R. Yoder Neufeld, Conrad Gebrel College, 885-0220


Peace and Conflict Studies - Core Courses

PACS 201 F 2C,1D 0.5
Roots of Conflict and Violence
An examination of the influential theories of the nature and roots of human conflict on both the interpersonal and intergroup level. Contributions of the behavioural and social sciences, as well as the humanities, will be explored.

PACS 202 W 2C,1D 0.5
Conflict Resolution
An examination of the resolution of conflict, ranging from interpersonal to broader social and international conflicts. Students are introduced to negotiation, mediation, and nonviolent resistance, and are encouraged to develop their own theoretical understandings that aid in addressing conflict.

PACS 301A-F 3S 0.5
Special Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies 1
A seminar course investigating special issues related to peace and conflict. Content may vary from year to year. Topics may include for example, "Liberation and Nonviolence in Latin America," "Justice in Third World Development", "Inter-National Conflict and Alternative World Orders", or "Societal Conflict in the former Soviet Union: Past and Present Trends".

PACS 302A-F 3S 0.5
Special Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies 2
Same as 301 above. Topics may include, for example, "Community Conflict Resolution," "Quest for Peace in Literature and Film," "Creative Conflict Resolution in the Schools," "The Roots of Violence in Central America," or "Global Development Education."

PACS 499A/B F,W T 0.5/0.5
Senior Honours Essay Seminar
Each Honours student will work on a research paper and will meet regularly with other students working on similar projects to discuss and evaluate their own work.
A letter grade for PACS 499A will be submitted only after completion of


Peace and Conflict Studies - Interdisciplinary PACS courses

PACS 390A/B F,W,S - 0.5/0.5
Field Studies in Peace and Conflict
An independent study course requiring reading, research and a paper on issues related to the application of peace and conflict studies theory within a field setting, either in Canada or abroad.

PACS 398/399 F,W,S R 0.5/0.5
Directed Readings in Peace and Conflict Studies
Students may arrange independent studies in the area of peace and conflict studies on problems of special interest. Students may also register under these numbers in order to repeat PACS 301 and/or 302.

Courses not offered 1995-96
PACS 230 The Politics of Nonviolence
PACS 271 Introduction to Peace Research 1
PACS 272 Introduction to Peace Research 2
PACS 350 Canada and the Nuclear Crisis

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