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Recreation and Leisure Studies

Undergraduate Officer
A. Gilbert, BMG 2212, ext. 3015


REC 100 F 3C 0.5
Introduction to the Study of Leisure and Recreation and Leisure Services
An overview of the broad field of recreation and leisure services emphasizing the understanding of various leisure phenomena. As such, it provides the student with an introductory understanding of the nature and scope of leisure, leisure behaviour, affiliated recreation activity, and the array of resources associated with each.


REC 200 W 3C 0.5
Theories of Play
A critical analysis of definitions, concepts and assumptions of classical, recent and modern theories of play with implications for research strategies, programming and planning for play.
Prereq: PSYCH 101

REC 204 S 3C 0.5
Leisure and Recreation in Historical Perspective
Analysis of socio-cultural determinants which have influenced Canadian Leisure behaviour.
Prereq: REC 100 or consent of instructor

REC 205 F 3C 0.5
Social Psychology of Leisure
A study of the effects of personality and social factors in shaping how people perceive, experience and respond to discretionary time. Current theory and research focusing on the impact of leisure on the socio- psychological adjustment of the individual, and applications to human problems associated with leisure will be examined.
Prereq: PSYCH 101

REC 209 F 2C,2L 0.5
Computer Applications in Leisure Services
Theory and application in leisure service management and programming. Examination of comptuer impact on leisure service industry.
Prereq: C 100, and second-year standing. CS 100 is recommended.
Restricted to Applied Health Sciences students only

REC 210 F 3C 0.5
Introduction to Leisure Service Management
Using a wide variety of leisure service agencies as examples, this course focuses on the management functions of planning, organizing, influencing and controlling. Topics include marketing, budgeting, leadership, staffing, goal setting, motivation, communication and problem solving.

REC 215 W 3C 0.5
Marketing Recreation and Leisure Services
Exploration of marketing concepts and methods available to public, commercial and private leisure service organizations. Topics include: the societal marketing philosophy, market research, market segmentation, and marketing mix strategies related to programming, distributing, pricing, and promoting leisure services.
Prereq: REC 210

REC 220 W,S 3C 0.5
Program Management and Evaluation
The scope of recreation program planning, design, implementation and evaluation is examined along with current associated issues and trends. Emphasis is placed on the planning and evaluation processes and their existence as core elements in any recreation and leisure services organization.
Prereq: REC 100, REC 210 and second-year standing

REC 230 W 3C 0.5
Outdoor Recreation Resources Management
A study of major facets of outdoor recreation programs and facilities from a variety of approaches; history, values, attitudes, economics, ecology, law, policy planning and trends. The emphasis is on providing a knowledge base for decision making by managers. It includes the role of selected governmental, voluntary and private sectors bodies.

REC 250 W 3C 0.5
Introduction to Recreation for Special Populations
This course is designed to introduce the broad scope of recreation for special populations. Students will develop an understanding of skills and competencies, societal and individual attitudes, barriers, programming and disabling conditions and the role of recreation and leisure services as applied to the wide variety of populations. Emphasis is on aspects of human behaviour which influence participation in leisure. A volunteer placement is required.

REC 251 F 3C 0.5
Recreation and Disability
This course is designed to explore the etiology and issues relevant to the broad spectrum of people who are challenged or disabled. Study will focus on physical, intellectual and emotional or behavioural disabilities.
Prereq: REC 250

REC 255 F 3C 0.5
Leisure Education - Concepts and Practices
This course covers concepts, theories, and practices of leisure education. Various models, assessment tools, and intervention strategies of leisure education are discussed. Also, settings for leisure education are examined including: school-based programs, job-related programs, institutional programs and transitional programs.
Prereq: REC 250, 220

REC 270 F 3C 0.5
Research Design Applicable to Leisure Studies
An introduction to the methods and techniques of research as applied to leisure studies and services. General consideration will be given to the technical problems involved in various stages of research methodology with emphasis on the logic underlying the research process.
Prereq: Second-year standing

REC 280 W 3C 0.5
Travel and Tourism
The scope and nature of travel and tourism as contemporary leisure experiences is examined along with economic, political and social ramifications, research strategies employed and implications for the future.


REC 300 F 3C 0.5
Philosophy of Leisure
Examination of major philosophical themes through the ages with reference to contemporary viability and effect upon social behaviour.
Prereq: Third-year standing or consent of instructor
Offered in even-numbered years only

REC 301 W,S 3C 0.5
Sociology of Leisure
Nature and extent of leisure phenomena in contemporary society. Examination of institutional and formal organizational aspects, social role, social research strategies employed in the study of leisure.
Prereq: SOC 101
Cross-listed as SOC 347

REC 304 W 3C 0.5
Culture and Recreation
A study of major issues of Canadian cultural policy from a socio- historical, political and sociological perspective. Students will examine the role and organizational structure of the arts and major cultural agencies, and discuss social, economic and administrative aspects of professional, amateur, commercial and public art organizations and services.
Prereq: REC 205 or consent of instructor

REC 310 W 3C 0.5
Commercial Recreation Business Development
Students will develop an idea for a small recreation business and will then determine whether or not the idea is feasible. The course emphasizes marketing research, organizational structure, short and long range planning, financial analysis and promotions.
Prereq: REC 210, BUS 121 and third-year standing

REC 331 F 2C,1L 0.5
Outdoor Education
The present status of outdoor education in modern society; government functions and policies related to outdoor education services; the planning and administration of outdoor education activities are discussed.
Prereq: REC 230
Offered in odd-numbered years only

REC 333 W 3C 0.5
Recreation Geography
The environmental implications of existing and potential recreational demands. Recreation travel, site capability, economic and ecological impact models will be considered as well as the behavioural aspects of amenity resources.
Prereq: REC 230 or GEOG 202A
Cross-listed as GEOG 333

REC 334 F 3C,1L 0.5
Introduction to Park Management
Basic administrative procedures in park management. Operational techniques are examined together with general policies of acquisition, operation and development.
Prereq: REC 230 required, BIOL 250 or ENV S 200 are recommended
Cross-listed as ENV S 334

REC 350 F 3C 0.5
Therapeutic Recreation Program Management
This course is designed to examine techniques, tools, knowledge and skills required to design, plan, develop and facilitate therapeutic recreation programs in a variety of settings for individuals and groups.
Prereq: REC 251 or consent of instructor and third-year standing

REC 356 F 3C 0.5
Recreation and Social Action
This course covers concepts, theories and the practice of social change in relation to leisure and recreation behaviour and services. Various issues such as poverty, ethnicity, and disability will be addressed. Major areas of discussion will include organizational sources of community and individual effort, leadership, participation, stresses, strains and strategies of social action. Attendance at the first class is required.
Prereq: REC 250 and third-year standing

REC 361 W 3C 0.5
Aging and Leisure
This course familiarizes the student with the characteristics of the aging population as related to recreation, leisure and lifestyle. Focus is on the understanding and attainment of administrative, management and leadership skills and techniques necessary in the assumption of the direction of programs of recreation, leisure and cultural services of all kinds. Specific emphasis is placed on public sector community services and resources.
Prereq: Third-year standing or consent of instructor

REC 371 W 3C 0.5
Statistical Techniques Applied to Leisure Studies
An introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics and the interpretation of data. A major consideration of the course is the use of statistics in the solution of problems in recreation and leisure.
Prereq: REC 270 and third-year standing

REC 380 F 3C 0.5
Recreation and Tourism Analysis
The course introduces the student to a variety of quantitative techniques used in the analysis of recreation and tourism, especially in the context of policy analysis, planning, and marketing. Techniques relevant to both (1) the perceptions and behaviour of recreationists and tourists and (2) the distribution of resources are examined. Specific topics may vary from term to term, but generally include operational definitions, measurement errors, scale developments, simple decision-making models, market segmentation, geostatistics and other regional-descriptive methods, and basic forecasting techniques.
Prereq: REC 371

REC 383 F 3C 0.5
Perspectives on International Tourism
The character, problems of and prospects for tourism are examined through consideration of tourism in a variety of countries and regions, both developed and developing. Topics include the nature and significance of tourism; economic, environmental and social impacts of tourism; and costs and benefits of tourism to destination areas.
Prereq: GEOG 202A or REC 230 or consent of instructor
Cross-listed as GEOG 323


REC 402 S 3C 0.5
Colloquium on Religion and Leisure
Theological notions as they relate to theories of leisure. Contemporary trends and behaviour which affect organized religion their subsequent attitudes toward leisure. Offered in odd-numbered years only

REC 406A/B 1.0
Comparative Recreational Systems
A study of multi-national recreation systems. Course meets on campus and in the field in other countries. Full term study over a period of 6-8 weeks. Laboratory fee varies with field observation. This course is taught on an irregular basis.

REC 408 F 3C 0.5
Gender, Leisure and the Family
This seminar course will focus on recent theoretical and empirical research on the relationships between gender, leisure and the family. Topics will include analysis of men's and womenUs leisure experiences, attitudes, constraints, challenges and behaviours. The role of the family as a leisure location and as an important agent in the construction of leisure experiences and behaviours for both adults and children will also be explored. Emphasis will be placed on understanding ways in which gender relations and gender role expectations affect and are affected by leisure.

REC 409 3C,1L 0.5
Computerized Database Applications in Leisure and Cultural Agency Management
Analysis of information handling tasks. Theory and design of database applications. Students are required to design and produce an operational application.
Prereq: REC 209 or equivalent and third- or fourth-year standing

REC 413 3C 0.5
Advanced Seminar in Leisure Service Management
This course is designed to allow students to combine their business/public administration courses, job experiences and leisure service management issues in a small group setting. Managerial problems are identified and alternative solutions are generated by examining the problems from both a research perspective and a practitioner's perpsective.
Prereq: Fourth-year standing, Business Option

REC 414 3C 0.5
Quality Assurance in Leisure Services: Theory and Application
This course reviews the quality assurance literature and places it in the context of leisure services. The course is multi-disciplinary in its approach to quality assurance drawing primarily from social psychological, marketing and management sources. Emphasis is placed on the characteristics of services, staffing, and systems/control issues. The course is suitable for all students interested in planning of programs and services.
Prereq: Third-year standing

REC 415 W 3C 0.5
Consumer Behaviour and Leisure Services
This seminar style course will examine consumer behaviour theory in a broad context and focus specifically on consumer behaviour issues that have been widely researched in leisure contexts. Application of these issues to the effective marketing of public, private, nonprofit, and commercial leisure delivery systems will be explored.
Prereq: REC 270 and one of REC 215 or BUS 352W; REC 371 recommended
Offered in odd-numbered years only

REC 416 W 1C,2L 0.5
Principles of Recreation Planning
An exploration of alternative approaches to the planning of recreation opportunities with an emphasis on community and municipal settings. The demand for and supply of recreation opportunities; standards, models and systems; recreation planning policies and agencies; and selected recreation planning issues.
Prereq: REC 230 and fourth-year standing
Offered in odd-numbered years only

REC 425 S 3C 0.5
Leisure, Community and Cultural Heritage
This course examines the role of cultural heritage in a community context. Varying forms of heritage preservation, its function and organization are covered.
Prereq: Third-year standing

REC 433 W 2C,2L 0.5
People in Natural Areas
Designing and managing for people in natural areas. Behavioural research and its relevance to the design and operation of natural areas and facilities will be emphasized. Means of understanding and involving neighbouring and visiting public and indigenous people in the planning, design and management of natural areas will be studied.
Prereq: REC 334/ENV S 334
Cross-listed as ENV S 433
Offered in even-numbered years only

REC 434 F 3C 0.5
Advanced Park Planning and Management
A study of policies, procedures, and practices relative to the management of natural resources in parks. Emphasis is placed on an ecological systems approach to management as it relates to parks at all levels of government.
Prereq: REC 334/ENV S 334
Cross-listed as ENV S 434
Offered in even-numbered years only

REC 455 W 3C 0.5
Senior Seminar in Therapeutic Recreation This course is designed to facilitate an in-depth exploration and analysis of philosophical issues and interdisciplinary theories to discuss how they relate to therapeutic recreation practice and research. Prereq: REC 350, 356 and fourth-year standing

REC 471A/B F,W,S 1.0
Honours Thesis
An independent research project on an approved topic supervised by a faculty member. REC 471A includes an approved design and completion of the first segment of the paper. REC 471B requires the completion of the project begun in REC 471A.
Prereq: REC 270, 371

REC 475 F,W,S 0.5
Directed Study in Special Topics
For the student who desires to pursue a particular topic in depth through guided independent research. A faculty member must approve a student's project prior to registration. Students may take only one directed studies course for undergraduate degree.
Prereq: Faculty approval

REC 480 W 3C 0.5
Tourism Planning, Development and Marketing
Covers the role of tourism in economic and community development, and the roles of government and industry in formulating tourism policy. Students learn through case studies and practical assignments.
Prereq: REC 280 and fourth-year standing

Courses not offered 1995-96
REC 406A/B Comparative Recreational Systems
REC 409 Computerized Database Applications in Leisure and Cultural Agency Management

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