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Religious Studies

Undergraduate Officer
J. Gollnick, St. Paul's College, 885-1460

Courses not offered in the current academic year are listed at the end of this section.

Note: Numbers below the course description indicate the area of Religious Studies to which the course belongs. Explanation is provided in the Arts program section.


RS 100A-K
Introduction to Religion
An introduction to Religion, religious phenomena, beliefs, ideas, pratices and experience through the study of material and examples from the various fields in Religious Studies.

RS 100A F,W 3C 0.5
Religions of the East
An introduction to the religious traditions of the East: history, religious beliefs and practices of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and Shinto.
Area 1

RS 100B F,W 3C 0.5
Religions of the West
Encounter with Judaism, Christianity and Islam: the characteristics and interaction of the three major religious traditions originating in the Middle East that have shaped the image of the Western World.
Area 1

RS 100C F,W 3C 0.5
Religious Quests
Profiles, biographies and autobiographies of individuals in search of ultimate meaning. Persons studied are spiritual seekers from all walks of life: traditional religious figures, artists, novelists, scientists and others.
Area 5

RS 100D F,W 0.5
Introduction to Christian Ethics
An exploration of the foundations of Christian ethical theory and practice: biblical roots, historical developments, contemporary approaches and their implications for personal and social living.
Area 4

RS 100E W 3C 0.5
Biblical Studies 1
A survey of the literature, history and religious thought of the Old Testament as seen in its cultural setting in the ancient Near East.
Area 3

RS 100F F,S 3C 0.5
Biblical Studies 2
A survey of the literature, history and religious thought of the New Testament as seen in its cultural setting in the Greco-Roman world.
Area 3

RS 100H F,W 3C 0.5
Introduction to the Roman Catholic Tradition
A study of the principal teachings of the Christian Faith affecting Catholics today. Topics will include Bible and Tradition; worship and sacraments; authority; changing views concerning laity, women, ministry, and ecumenism.
Area 4

RS 100K F,W 3C 0.5
Introduction to Theology
The basics of Christian theology explored systematically and historically: theological language, revelation and truth, God and creation, sin and the fall, Christ and salvation, tradition and church, consummation and the end of history.
Area 4

RS 105A F 3C 0.5
Elementary Biblical Hebrew
An introductory course designed to tender a reading knowledge of Biblical Hebrew: the sounds and forms of the language followed by the reading of selected texts from the Hebrew Bible.
Taught at WLU as RE 140-3C

RS 105B W 3C 0.5
Elementary Biblical Hebrew
A continuation of the introduction to Biblical Hebrew.
Taught at WLU as RE 140-3C

RS 106A F 3C 0.5
New Testament Greek
An introduction to Greek grammar with appropriate grammatical exercises and development of vocabulary.
Antireq: GRK 100A
Area 3

RS 106B 0.5
New Testament Greek
The completion of the study of Greek grammar and syntax with appropriate exercises and translation of various texts of the Greek New Testament.
Antireq: RS 201

RS 107A 2C,2T 0.5
Introductory Standard Arabic
An introduction to reading and writing standard (classical) Arabic, the language used in literature, newspapers and the Quran. Fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. By the end of the course, students will be able to read and translate at an introductory level. Not open to native speakers of Arabic.
Cross-listed as MES 107A
This course meets the Group A(ii) requirement
Offered in Spring 1995


RS 200 F 3C 0.5
The Study of Religion
An exploration of the nature of religion through: 1) the history of the study of religion, 2) exposure to varying methods and ways of approaching religious phenomena, and 3) consideration of accounts of religious experience.

RS 206 W 3C 0.5
Jesus: Life and Legacy
The life, teachings, and significance of Jesus of Nazareth as experienced and interpreted by his followers, and as recorded by the writers of the New Testament. Attention is given to traditions of virgin birth, crucifixion, resurrection, and divinity, and to Jesus' contemporary importance.
Area 3

RS 207 W 3C 0.5
Contemporary Christian Spirituality
Contemporary Christian spirituality from Biblical, theological, and psychosocial perspectives. Formation of traditional Christian spiritual disciplines such as prayer and meditation is discussed in relation to the secularization of society and emerging New Age spiritualities.
Area 5

RS 209 F,S 3C 0.5
Paul: Life and Letters
The career and thought of a pioneer of Christian religion as seen in his writings, with attention to issues such as spirit, grace and law, freedom and slavery, Christ and church, women and men.
Area 3

RS 214 W 3C 0.5
An introduction to the unifying beliefs and philosophical presuppositions of the Buddhist world-view, and an overview of the diverse forms of Buddhism in South and South-East Asia, Tibet, China and Japan.
Area 1

RS 216 F 3C 0.5
An introduction to the Islamic faith and practice, with a review of the development, achievements and impact of the Muslim community from Muhammad the Prophet to the present day.
Area 1

RS 217 W 3C 0.5
An introduction to the religious tradition of the Jews, in terms of beliefs, practices, ideals and institutions from the beginning to the present time.
Area 1

RS 221 F 3C 0.5
Sects, Cults and New Religious Movements
An analysis of minority religions considered deviant by the dominant society such as the Amish, Mormons, and Jehovah's Witnesses with special consideration of the recent new religious movements including Unification (Moonies), Scientology and Krishna consciousness.
Cross-listed as SOC 263
Area 5

RS 226 F 3C 0.5
Catholic Social Thought
This course will explore the origins, development and contemporary challenges to Catholic social thought. The main focus will be on the critical and global influences of the past 100 years.
(Formerly RS 331B) Area 4

RS 227 S 3C 0.5
Perspectives on the Papacy
The Papacy is one of the most visible, enduring and yet controverted elements of the Roman Catholic tradition. This course will adopt a critical, historical, cultural and theological analysis of the papacy.
Area 2

RS 230 F,W 3C 0.5
History of Christianity
The development of Christianity in its Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant traditions from the time of Christ to the present.
Cross-listed as HIST 235
Area 2

RS 231 F 3C 0.5
History of Christian Thought
An analysis of the major theological developments in the Christian traditions from the apostolic era to the present.
Area 4

RS 236 F,W 2C,1D 0.5
Human Sexuality and Christian Morality
An investigation of the moral implications of an evolving sexual consciousness in the Christian tradition.
Prereq: Second-year standing or consent of instructor
Area 4

RS 257 F 3C 0.5
Christian Approaches to Peacemaking
Current Christian approaches to peacemaking in areas of conflict: war and militarism, crime, poverty, racism, and gender relations. Attention will be given to various biblical, theological, and historical bases for these approaches.
Area 4

RS 266 F 2C,1D 0.5
Film and the Quest for Meaning 1
An exploration of spiritual themes and issues in the cinema. An assessment of film's special characteristics as an art form capable of addressing the human quest for a significant existence. Emphasis upon the films of Ingmar Bergman.
Cross-listed as FINE 252
Area 5

RS 267 W 2C,1D 0.5
Film and the Quest for Meaning 2
A consideration of selected themes - death, evil, guilt, fate, alienation, courage, love, redemption - in the films of several of today's leading directors. Emphasis upon a variety of directors from divergent cultural backgrounds.
Cross-listed as FINE 253
Area 5

RS 270 F 3C 0.5
Psychology of Religion
A study of theories of the psychological nature of religious experience, the sources of religious belief and the religious significance of psychological phenomena. Topics include faith, doubt, evangelism, conversion, faith healing, mysticism, drugs and religious experience, tongues-speaking.
Area 5

RS 271 W 3C 0.5
Personality and Religion
A study of the psychology of personality in its relationship between personality and religious thought, experience and behaviour.
Area 5

RS 272 W 3C 0.5
Sacred Places
From Mecca to Benares, Stonehenge to Chartres - a consideration of sacred cities, shrines, rivers, mountains, worship centres and other places which have inspired the spiritual imagination of individuals and communities within various religious traditions.
Area 5

RS 290C S 3C 1.0
Gospel and Liberation
A multi-disciplinary study of the Christian gospel as a means to liberation in Canadian society; its roles in the theory and practice of liberation theologies; and the role of contemplation and action in political and spiritual life.
Area 5

RS 291 A-D
Studies in the History of Religion
Consult Department for offerings 1995-96.

RS 292 F 3C 0.5
Women and the Church
A multi-disciplinary examination of the evolution of the relationship between women and the church in the Christian tradition.
Area 5


RS 300 F 3C 0.5
Feminist Approaches to the Bible
An examination of various feminist approaches to the biblical text including consideration of the impact of sexism and patriarchal structures on a biblical text as well as various models feminist scholars have employed in biblical interpretation.
Prereq: RS 100E, 100F or permission of instructor
Area 4

RS 305A F 3C 0.5
Intermediate New Testament Greek
Readings in the New Testament, in the Septuagint, Papyri and the Apostolic Fathers. Advanced grammar and syntax arising from the readings.
Prereq: RS 106 or consent of instructor
Area 3

RS 305B W 3C 0.5
Intermediate New Testament Greek
Readings in the New Testament, in the Septuagint, Papyri and the Apostolic Fathers. Advanced grammar and syntax arising from the readings.
Prereq: RS 106 or consent of instructor
Area 3

RS 306A F 3C 0.5
Intermediate Biblical Hebrew
Reading and grammatical analysis of selected prose and poetic portions of the Hebrew Bible.
Taught at WLU as R&C 206

RS 306B W 3C 0.5
Intermediate Biblical Hebrew
Continuation of RS 306A.
Taught at WLU as R&C 256

RS 307A A-D
Selected Topics in Biblical Studies
Consult Department for offerings 1995-96.

RS 309 W 3C 0.5
Unity and Diversity in the New Testament
A study of both distinctive and shared ways authors of the New Testament view Jesus, law, ministry, authority, worship, and Jewish and Gentile traditions.
Prereq: RS 100F or consent of instructor
Area 3

RS 321 W 3C 0.5
The History and Culture of the Orthodox Church
The purpose of the course is to introduce the student to the religious tradition of Eastern Christianity. Topics will include the origins of the Christian Church, the Byzantine Empire, Orthodoxy behind the Iron Curtain, the liturgy, the icon, the celebration of life and the place of Orthodoxy in the world today.
Prereq: RS 100B or 230
Area 2

RS 322 W 3C 0.5
Radical Reformation
A study of Anabaptism and its place in the history of the Christian Church and of the Reformation period.
Prereq: Second-year standing
Area 2
Cross-listed as HIST 348

RS 325 F 3C 0.5
Medieval Church History
An exploration of the development of the Church from 604 to 1449. Topics will include leadership struggles in church and state, crusades, heresy and inquisition, the western schism and the conciliar period.
Cross-listed as HIST 304
Area 2

RS 329 F 3C 0.5
Mothers of the Church
This course will examine the writings of women Christians from Perpetua to Mary Jo Leddy, their historical and cultural setting and will attempt to gauge their contemporary significance for women.
Prereq: RS 292A or B, or consent of instructor
Area 2

RS 331 W 3C 0.5
Vatican II. Assessments and Perspectives
An analysis of the context and rich documentary tradition of the second Vatican Council, the course will explore, in particular, the global dynamics of these teachings.
Prereq: RS 100H
(Formerly RS 331A)
Area 2

RS 336 F 3C 0.5
Contemporary Theology
A study of major themes and movements in contemporary theology, with reference to selected thinkers, such as Barth, Tillich, Buber, de Chardin and Rahner.
Prereq: RS 231 or consent of instructor
Area 4

RS 337 F 3C 0.5
Contemporary Mennonite Thought
A survey of contemporary Mennonite theological debate. The course will focus on some of the central themes of the Anabaptist- Mennonite tradition: adult baptism, separation from the world, Biblical authority, peace and nonresistance, discipleship as a way of life.
Prereq: RS 100K or consent of instructor
Area 4

RS 354 W 3C 0.5
War and Peace in Christian Theology
The contemporary discussion. A survey of Christian teaching on war and peace, focusing on the 20th-century discussion.
Prereq: RS 230 or 231 or consent of instructor
Area 4

RS 355 F 3C 0.5
Interreligious Encounter and Dialogue
A study of the encounter and dialogue of men and women of different faiths, emphasizing movements, figures and ideas central to the contemporary scene. Both bilateral, for example Christian-Buddhist, and multilateral developments will be explored.
Prereq: RS 200 or 221, or courses in Eastern religions, or consent of instructor
Area 5

RS 370 W 3C 0.5
Dreams in Religious Experience
The course examines the place of dreams in religious experience from ancient to modern times. Present day advances in understanding dream symbols will be explored, as well as the possibility of incorporating the use of dreams in one's personal religious growth and development.
Prereq: RS 271 or consent of instructor
Area 5

RS 372 F 3C 0.5
Psychology of Religion in Historical Perspective
Historical perspective on the relationship between the psyche and the spiritual dimension of reality. After a survey of ancient and classical views, consideration is given to the theories of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Eric Fromm, William James, and Abraham Maslow.
Prereq: RS/SIPAR 270 or 271 or consent of instructor
Cross-listed as SIPAR 372
Area 5

RS 380 W 3C 0.5
Carl Jung's Theory of Religion
Jung's analysis of the development of the personality through its life cycle, and of the central place which religion holds within the process of maturation. This study includes a study of the unconscious, the collective unconscious, dreams, myths, symbols and archetypes: and the implications of Jung's theories for religious thought, therapy, and definitions of community.
Prereq: RS/SIPAR 270 or 271 or consent of instructor
Cross-listed as SIPAR 380
Area 5

RS 382 W 3C 0.5
Theology of Marriage
A study of the development of the theology of marriage in the Christian tradition.
Prereq: RS 236/256 or 281/282 or consent of instructor
Area 4

RS 383 W 3C 0.5
Shapers of the Roman Catholic Tradition
An examination of some influential thinkers in the Christian tradition who have played a critical role in Roman Catholic theology; including individuals like Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, John Henry Newman,Karl Rahner.
Prereq: RS 100H or 230 or 231 or consent of instructor
Area 4

RS 398A-D F,W,S 0.5
Directed Reading in Special Subjects
Permission of Undergraduate Officer required


RS 490A F,W 0.5
Honours Seminar
A course of study and research designed to provide the student with guidance and supervision towards completing an Honours research assignment.
Prereq: Fourth-year standing and consent of Undergraduate Officer

RS 490B F,W 0.5
Honours Seminar
A continuation of the above.
Every student in the Honours RS Program is required to take RS 490A and 490B.

Courses not offered 1995-96
RS 205 The Hebew Prophets
RS 208 The Parable of Jesus
RS 213 Hinduism
RS 229 The Cult of Mary
RS 256 Current Ethical Issues
RS 261 Women and the Great Religions
RS 263 Justice, Peace and Development
RS 268B Religious Perspectives in Contemporary Canadian Literature
RS 269 The Religious Art of India
RS 281 Theology of Worship, Sacrament and Spirituality
RS 293A Religious Experience of the Young
RS 294 Religion in the Canadian Context
RS 302 The Gospel of John
RS 308 Old Testament Themes
RS 310 The Sacred Book of Islam
RS 313 Tradition and Change in Modern India
RS 315 The Narrative Expression of Canadian Native Religions
RS 316 Canadian Native Religious Traditions
RS 318 Islam and Christianity
RS 327 Evangelical and Anabaptist Christianity
RS 328 Christian Feminist Thought
RS 334 Islamic Theology, Philosophy and Mysticism
RS 335 Modern Christian Thought
RS 351 Religious Perspectives on the Environmental Crisis
RS 353 The Bible and Peace
RS 356 Bioethics and Religious Values
RS 360 Religion and the Arts
RS 371 Religion and Suicidal Behaviour
RS 373 Folk Religion: Custom, Belief and Ritual
RS 375 Religion and Psychotherapy
RS 384 Christian Hymnody
RS 450A Study Term Abroad

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