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  1. Not all the courses listed in this section are available in 1995-96. Please consult the 1995-96 Course Offerings List of the Department for current course information.
  2. Sociology courses offered at Renison College are listed in the Social Development Studies section.


SOC 101 2C 0.5
Introduction to Sociology
An introduction to the basic concepts and frames of reference of sociological investigation and interpretation. Topics for analysis will include communities, associations and institutions, classes and status groups, crowds and publics, social processes, and social change. Special attention is given to Canadian society.
Antireq: SOC 120R
Also offered at Conrad Grebel and St. Jerome's Colleges

SOC 102 2C 0.5
Social Problems
An examination of cultural forces that create social problems and failures in personal and institutional adjustments. Specific attention is paid to the problems of poverty, delinquency and ethnic relations in Canadian society.


SOC 200 2C 0.5
Marriage and the Family
A survey of sociological perspectives on marriage and the family in urban-industrial societies. Special attention is given to marriage and the family in Canada. Comparisons with U.S and Britain will be undertaken.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor
Also offered at St. Jerome's College

SOC 201 2C 0.5
Victims and Society
The course will examine the substance of victimization: the scientific study of victims, the process, etiology and consequences of victimization. Topics will include victims and politics, the victims movement, RVictim- precipitationS, the victimization of women and family violence.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 204 2C 0.5
Sociology of Adolescence
The social definitions of adolescence in cross-cultural and historical perspective. Social roles of adolescents in the institutional structures of urban-industrial societies with special emphasis on the family, education, and the economy. The relationship of adolescents' social roles to processes of social change and stability.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 206 2C 0.5
Gender Relations
An examination of gender relations in Canadian society, including historical changes and the contemporary situation. Emphasis is placed on a consideration of the social construction of gender, the gender structure of institutions and gender inequality. The course also examines selected issues in contemporary gender relations.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 207 2C 0.5
Sociology of Education
Attention will be focused on the concepts and theories of sociology as they apply especially to the educational system. This course is designed for Co-op and Regular students who plan to enter the teaching field.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor
Offered at Conrad Grebel College

SOC 209 2C 0.5
Ancestry, History and Personal Identity
In this course each student analyzes his or her own family history in light of social, cultural, and economic trends over the past century as a means of understanding the basis of his or her own identity. The analysis is reported in an essay of about 25 pages.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 210 2C 0.5
Sociology of Sport
This course examines sport in modern societies and the distinctive features of Canadian sport. Attention is directed to the relationship between sport and other institutions, including the economy and political system. Contemporary issues, including racial and gender inequality and controversies over violence and drugs are also considered.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 214 2C 0.5
Class, Status and Power
Analysis of social classes in society including their basis for development, composition and consequences for society. Special attention is given to social stratification in Canada.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 221 2C 0.5
Social Change in Canadian Society
This course examines issues both in the socio-historical development of Canadian society and its present social structure, organizations, ideologies, and problems of identity.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 222 2C 0.5
Juvenile Delinquency
A systematic analysis and criticism is presented of biological, psychological, psychoanalytical and sociological theories of juvenile delinquency. Attention is given to statistics and contemporary research with special emphasis on the distribution and types of delinquent subcultures.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 223 2C 0.5
Deviance: Perspectives and Processes
The deviance-making process is examined in a variety of social contexts. Examines the emergence of rules and control agencies, the processes by which people become involved in deviant activities, and the contingencies affecting their careers as deviants.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor
Also offered at Renison College

SOC 224 2C 0.5
Law and Order: Regulating Deviance
Focusing on the Rprocesses and problematics of social controlS, this course examines: the conditions affecting the emergence of legal norms; the enforcement of criminal law; and the processing of offenders.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 226 2C 0.5
Juvenile Justice
An examination of theories of juvenile justice, juvenile law, and the structure and operations of juvenile systems, especially in Canada.
Prereq: SOC 222 or consent of instructor

SOC 227 2C 0.5
An analysis and criticism of the major theories of criminal behaviour. Emphasis is given to the relationship between social structure and criminal behaviour; types of criminal behaviour such as drug addiction, burglary and homicide in contemporary society. Special attention is given to Canadian data.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor
Offered at St. Jerome's College

SOC 228 2C 0.5
Sociology of Corrections
Decisions to process offenders and the role of social factors in the Canadian criminal justice system are critically examined. Focal issues include police discretion, the legal profession and prison systems.
Prereq: SOC 101
Offered at St. Jerome's College

SOC 231 2C 0.5
Sociology of Science
An examination of the social character of the development of science and the production of scientific knowledge. Specific topics will include defining science, cultural influences on the rise of science, the social nature of scientific institutions, selective bias in scientific procedures, and the social "construction" of scientific "facts."
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 232 2C 0.5
Technology and Social Change
This course relates the prospect of social change to issues such as the division of labour, automation, technology and ecology, Rpost- IndustrialS society, small scale technology, workers' control and the domination of nature.
Prereq: SOC 101

SOC 234 2C 0.5
Social Psychology and Everyday Life
Introducing students to symbolic interaction, a sociological social psychology, this course examines: the impact of culture on socialization experiences; the development of self-identities and social reputations; and interaction patterns in a variety of casual, occupational and deviance contexts.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 235 2C 0.5
Individual and Society
Introduction to social psychology through selected topics in the study of the self, social interaction, groups and intergroup relations, and social organization.
Prereq: SOC 101

SOC 236 2C 0.5
Social Movements
The analysis of varieties of social movements and their relationships to social organization and social change.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 237 2C 0.5
Collective Behaviour
The sociological analysis of the behaviour of crowds, mobs, publics and related phenomena and their relationships to social organization and social change.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 238 2C 0.5
Sociology of Marketing and Sales
This course considers the (social) processes by which people "do business". Focusing on day to day exchanges, ongoing relationships within the business and consumer community are examined from an interactionist perspective.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 241 3C 0.5
Introduction to the Sociology of Work
A survey of the changing nature and ideology of work, as well as the impact of different kinds of work organizations on other institutions and on individual works. Canadian emphasis but some comparative material included. Examines the relationship between formal and domestic economies. Some discussion of alternative forms of work (co-ops, industrial democracy).
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 242 2C 0.5
Industrial Sociology
Special emphasis is given in lectures, reading and assignments to the particular problems facing industrial Canada, especially in reference to regionalism, elitism, the multinational enterprise and the problem of foreign ownership.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 243 2C 0.5
Occupational Sociology
An introduction to the study of work and occupations; the problems of occupational choice, occupational socialization and identification; the concepts of career and career mobility; the professionalization process, the nature of professions; the impact of occupation on life styles, leisure and retirement.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 245 2C 0.5
Interpersonal Communication
An introduction to the process and functions of communication in dyadic or small group settings. Emphasis is directed toward increasing student understanding of communication in face-to-face contexts.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 246 2C 0.5
Mass Communication
This course provides an introduction to the social processes and functions of mass media communication - with particular reference to the Canadian context. Emphasis is focused on the relationship between mass communication and the ongoing reconstruction of social reality.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 247 2C 0.5
Death and Society
The course deals with the current literature on death and dying. Patterns of mortality as affecting different social groups and as reflecting differential life chances of individuals in society are described. North American issues of death and dying are considered against an historical background.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 248 2C 0.5
Health, Illness and Society
This course focuses on the social aspects of health and illness, including social causes of illness, the social process of becoming ill, and the social consequences of being defined as ill.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 249 3C 0.5
Sociology of Mental Disorders
An examination of sociological research and theory in the field of mental illness, especially as it relates to the family. Such topics as psychiatric hospitals, public attitudes and social stigma, aftercare and rehabilitation, and the epidemiology of mental illness will be examined.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor
Offered at St. Jerome's College

SOC 250 3C 0.5
Contemporary Japanese Society
An introduction to the basic institutions and cultural values in contemporary Japanese society. Topics will include family, community, religion, education, work, social stratification, ethos, and the economic behaviour of Japan overseas.

SOC 252 2C 0.5
Migration and Society
An overview of international migration, particularly during this century; a survey of statistical sources and theoretical explanations of migration. A section of the course will be on the history of immigration to Canada, migration within Canada, and Canadian immigration policies in the context of world migration.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 253 2C 0.5
Demographic Change in Canada
An introduction to the study of human population, with a focus on mortality, fertility, migration and spatial distribution in Canada. Basic methods and measures used in demographic research, sources of demographic data, and social implications of the major demographic trends are discussed.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 256 2C 0.5
Ethnic and Racial Relations
Relations between different racial and cultural groups, analysis of majority-minority group status with special reference to Canada.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 263 3C 0.5
Sects, Cults and New Religious Movements
An analysis of minority religions considered deviant by the dominant society such as the Amish, Mormons, and Jehovah's Witnesses, with special consideration of the recent new religious movements including Unification (Moonies), Scientology and Krishna consciousness.
Cross-listed as RS 221

SOC 264 2C 0.5
Sociology of Religion
An examination of the nature of religious experience, the elements of religious group life, the ways in which religions are a source of social stability and peace as well as of social change and conflict, and the development of new and alternative forms of religious activity.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 265 2C 0.5
Political Sociology
The sociological analysis of the institutionalization of power, political movements, parties, conflict and its accommodation.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 280 2C,2L 0.5
Social Statistics
A basic course in sociological statistics, sampling, central tendency, probability, covariance, as illustrated in specifically sociological data.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor
See overlapping content note on page 9:7

SOC 286 2C 0.5
Environment and Behaviour
A study of the interaction between social organization and ecological factors such as pollution, energy and land resources.


SOC 305 2C 0.5
Introductory Sociological Theory
An examination of the object and function of sociological theory in social research. Types of sociological theories. Discussion of selected classics of 19th- and early 20th-century sociological theory.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 307 2C 0.5
Problems in Contemporary Education
A study of problems arising from the interplay between institutionalized education and the forces of rapid social change in the contemporary society. It emphasizes the changing roles of the learners and instructors and social dimensions of newer learning theories and programs. Themes will be selected and studied in depth on a seminar basis.
Prereq: SOC 101 and 207
Offered at Conrad Grebel College

SOC 310 2S 0.5
Seminar in Group Dynamics
An analysis of naturally occurring and experimental groups from a social structural perspective. The study of processes of internal differentiation, integration, authority, etc; and the relationships between small groups and their environments.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 311 2C 0.5
Sociology of the Body
This course examines institutional influences on bodily practices, including practices of regulation and control. Examples of topics examined include the body in consumer culture; exercise, dieting and fitness as social practice; professional dominance, regulation of bodies, and forms of cultural embodiment in gender, race and social class.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 321 F,W C 0.5
Methods 1
An introductory survey of the research techniques employed by sociologists. The formulation of research designs appropriate to various kinds of intellectual problems in social science is stressed.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor. Students are encouraged to take C 280 before, or concurrently with SOC 321, although this is not required.

SOC 322 2C 0.5
Methods 2
Continuation of Methods 1. The course involves seminar meetings emphasizing the critical evaluation of research techniques.
Prereq: SOC 280 and 321 or consent of instructor

SOC 325 2C 0.5
Female Sexuality and the Law
The treatment of women by the law, as victims or offenders, reflects attitudes towards female sexuality that have influenced legal thinking since 1800. The course investigates how the law has been used as an instrument of social control over women and their sexual behaviour.
Prereq: SOC 206 or consent of instructor

SOC 328 3C 0.5
Sentencing as a Social Process
Examines in depth the process and results of criminal sentencing. Topics include types of sentences for criminal and quasi-criminal offences; objectives of sentences; factors affecting sentences; the process of sentencing; the administration and effectiveness of sentences; and unresolved debates in sentencing.
Prereq: Third- or fourth-year standing in Honours Sociology or Legal Studies, and SOC 224 or 228 or 370; or permission of instructor

SOC 333 2C 0.5
Canadian Multiculturalism
A seminar dealing with multicultural attitudes and beliefs in Canadian society, especially within the majority English and French Canadian populations.
Prereq: An introductory course in a Social Science

SOC 336 2C 0.5
Sociology of Professions
An examination of the distinctive nature of professions; professional recruitment, socialization and identification; professional careers; the professionalization of occupations; relationship to government; professional specialization; status, power and mobility of professionals.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 340 2C 0.5
Complex Organizations
Examines the role of large-scale organizations in industrial society, and their impact and influence. Illustrations will be drawn from commerce and industry, as well as education, health services, and government.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 342 2C 0.5
Sociology of Industrial Relations
Using sociological concepts and theories, the course will examine the nature of the relationship between employers and employees, current issues facing unions and management, and the character of accommodation which may be realized between the two.
Prereq: SOC 101 and 242

SOC 347 3C 0.5
Sociology of Leisure
Nature and extent of leisure phenomena in contemporary society. Examination of institutional and formal organization aspects, social role, social research strategies employed in the study of leisure.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor
Cross-listed as REC 201

SOC 352 3C 0.5
Sociology of Aging
An introduction to individual and population aging. Topics discussed include: aging from an historical and comparative perspective; aging in subcultures; aging and the social structure; aging and social processes; aging and the environment; work and retirement; and aging and leisure patterns.
Prereq: SOC 101 and one other Sociology course
Cross-listed as GERON 352, HLTH 352, KIN 352
(Formerly SOC 344)

SOC 364 2C 0.5
Social Change
A systematic review and analysis of sources, patterns, processes, and consequences of social change in developing countries, the role of ideas, and the breakdown and reorganization of social structure.
Prereq: SOC 101 and one other Sociology course

SOC 366 2C 0.5
Urban Sociology
The comparative study of urbanization as a process; the culture and organization of cities, urban problems; special attention is given to industrial cities of Canada, with comparative reference to the principal cities of Western societies.
Prereq: SOC 101 and one other Sociology course

SOC 368 2C 0.5
Urban Life and Culture
Using a symbolic interactionist approach, this course examines central features of urban community life. Particular attention is given to the corporate, commercial, consumptive and communications aspects of urban society as well as residential practices and street life.
Prereq: SOC 234 or 238 or consent of instructor

SOC 370 2C 0.5
Sociology of Law
Special attention will be paid to the growing public awareness of the failure of law to provide justice or social control in a number of situations. Local judges, lawyers and police officials are invited to discuss such issues as the jury system, police and violence, civil rights and mass media.
Prereq: Third-year standing or by permission
Offered at Conrad Grebel College

SOC 371 3C 0.5
Philosophy of Social Science
Problems about the fundamental methods and aims of the social sciences generally, the problems specific to Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, etc., and their relations to one another will be considered.
Prereq: Some previous work in a Social Science or in Philosophy
Cross-listed as PHIL 362

SOC 378 3C 0.5
Sociology of Women
An examination of the growing sociological literature on women's roles, experiences, realities, problems and challenges. Particular emphasis is placed on critiques of traditional sociological theory and methodology and the emergence of new theories and methodologies which better reflect women's experiences.
Prereq: SOC 101 and 206, or consent of instructor

SOC 382 3C 0.5
Survey Methodology
The design of sample surveys. Survey procedures from the conceptual level through sampling, measurement, questionnaire design, administration and analysis of responses are illustrated within the context of practical examples and student projects.
Prereq: SOC 321 or consent of instructor


SOC 401 2S 0.5
Theoretical Perspectives on Gender
An examination of sociological theories of gender and gender relations. Emphasis is placed on tracing historical changes in interpretations of gender, with a particular consideration of contemporary theoretical debates. Approaches to be considered include feminist theories as well as political economy and cultural studies.
Prereq: SOC 101 and 206 or consent of instructor

SOC 404 2S 0.5
Sociology of Knowledge
The seminar undertakes to develop a general theory of the relation of social thought to social action, comparative value systems and the role of the scientist, artist and intellectual in society.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor; SOC 231 is recommended

SOC 405 2C 0.5
The Development of Sociological Theory
Analysis of selected original writings by the major figures in the classical sociological tradition of the 19th- and 20th-centuries; in particular, Marx, Durkheim and Weber. Also includes discussions of pertinent critical literature.
Prereq: SOC 101 and 305

SOC 406 2C 0.5
Contemporary Sociological Theory
Development of sociological theory in the 20th-century. Included is discussion of current theoretical work.
Prereq: SOC 305

SOC 407 2S 0.5
Canadian Social Thought
We examine the development of sociological theory in Canada by focussing on major historical and contemporary figures and theories representative of English-language sociology. We examine, in addition, sociologically important scholars and schools of thought in history and political economy as well as selected developments in French-language Canadian sociology.
Prereq: SOC 305 or consent of instructor

SOC 408 2S 0.5
Contemporary Debates in Sociological Theory
Deals with recent controversies in sociological theory; e.g. Giddens' theories of structuration and the state; critical theory, including the works of Habermas on communicative action; postmodernist theory; the positivist/interpretive debate and varieties of psychoanalytic theory.
Prereq: SOC 101 and 305

SOC 410 2C 0.5
Qualitative Methods: Field Research
An application of symbolic interactionist theory, this course examines the contingencies affecting data collection and analysis of ongoing group life. While doing field work, students have an opportunity to examine basic features of interactionist thought.
Prereq: SOC 101

SOC 415 2C 0.5
Social Networks
A survey of applications of the concept of the network in studying social structures. Examples will be drawn from diverse areas, such as interpersonal relations, community studies, social support, interorganizational relations, elites, deviant groups, etc.
Prereq: SOC 101 or consent of instructor

SOC 421 2C 0.5
Quantitative Methods
Design and data analysis in contemporary sociological research, with an emphasis on the analysis of secondary data and computer applications.
Prereq: SOC 280 and 321

SOC 430 2S 0.5
Political Participation
An examination of the social psychological foundations of Canadian participation, broadly conceived, in the political system.
Prereq: Third- or fourth-year social science or consent of instructor

SOC 435 3S 0.5
Environmental Sociology
Inquiry into the relationship between the natural environment and society. Review of issues relating to technology, social change, politics of environmental reform, factors that contribute to environmental - resource conflict and policy.
Prereq: SOC 286, plus third- or fourth-year standing or permission of instructor

SOC 459 2S 0.5
Sociology of Work and Occupations
This seminar examines major theoretical perspectives and issues in the sociology of work.
Prereq: One of SOC 241, 242, 243, 336, 342 or consent of instructor

SOC 498A 0.5
Directed Studies in Deviance, Criminology, and Corrections

SOC 498B 0.5
Directed Studies in Social Psychology

SOC 498C 0.5
Directed Studies in Social Inequality

SOC 498D 0.5
Directed Studies in Quantitative Methods and Statistics

SOC 498E 0.5
Directed Studies in Social Theory

SOC 498H 0.5
Directed Studies in the Family

SOC 8 0.5
Directed Studies in the Marketplace

SOC 498K 0.5
Directed Studies in Industry, Work and Complex Organizations

SOC 498M 0.5
Directed Studies in Religion

SOC 498N 0.5
Directed Studies in Demography

SOC 498S 0.5
Directed Studies in Developing Nations

SOC 498V 0.5
Directed Studies in Gender Relations

SOC 498X 0.5
Directed Studies in Medical Sociology

SOC 499A/B 0.5/0.5
Senior Honours Essay
Required of all Honours students in Sociology or by election by Joint Honours and General Sociology students in their fourth year. For students electing Honours Sociology (Canadian Studies), the essay should bear on some topic of particular sociological significance for Canadian society.
Prereq: Fourth-year Sociology General or Honours
A letter grade for SOC 499A will be submitted only after the completion of C 499B

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