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Spanish and Latin American Studies

Undergraduate Officer
M. Gutiérrez, ML 209, ext. 3658

Courses not offered in the current academic year are listed at the end of this section.

Note: Students with a knowledge of Spanish not acquired in an academic institution must write a placement test before registering in a language course.


SPAN 101 F,W 3C,1L 0.5
Introduction to Spanish 1
Intensive drill in the fundamentals of grammar, comprehension and speaking. Some reading, translation and composition. The language laboratory is used as an integral part of the course.
For students with no previous knowledge of Spanish
Cannot be taken concurrently with SPAN 111
(WLU SP101/151-40)

SPAN 102 W 3C,1L 0.5
Introduction to Spanish 2
A continuation of SPAN 101.
Prereq: SPAN 101 or consent of Department
(WLU SP101/152-40)


SPAN 201A F 3C,1L 0.5
Intermediate Spanish 1
For students with some knowledge of Spanish. Seeks to reinforce the language, both oral and written, through selected texts and grammar review. Language laboratory also used to increase understanding and speaking skills.
Prereq: SPAN 102 or consent of Department
(WLU SP121/171-30)

SPAN 201B W 3C,1L 0.5
Intermediate Spanish 2
A continuation of SPAN 201A
Prereq: SPAN 201A or consent of Department
(WLU SP122/172-03)

SPAN 205 F 3C 0.5
Survey of Spanish Literature 1
Readings of major authors and study of the main literary trends from the middle ages to the 18th century.
Offered at WLU
Prereq: SPAN 201B
(WLU SP205/255-30)

SPAN 206 W 3C 0.5
Survey of Spanish Literature 2
A continuation of SPAN 205 from the 18th century to the present.
Offered at WLU
Prereq: SPAN 205
(WLU SP206/256-03)

SPAN 218 W 3C 0.5
Latin American Civilization 2
A survey of the literature, art and music of Latin America from pre-Columbian times to the present.
Taught in English
(WLU SP233/283-03)

SPAN 227 F 3C 0.5
Survey of Latin American Literature 1
This course is an introduction to Latin American literature and will cover the most significant works from the conquest to the 19th century. The course also aims to introduce the student to literary analysis and, therefore, particular attention will be paid to the question of genre, terminology, literary movements and textual analysis.
Prereq: SPAN 201B
(WLU SP208/258-30)

SPAN 228 W 3C 0.5
Survey of Latin American Literature 2
This course is a continuation of SPAN 227 and will study the period beginning with Modernismo (c. 1880) to the present day. Works of such renowned authors as Neruda, Borges and García Márquez will form part of the material taught in this course. The approach will be similar to SPAN 227 with special emphasis on textual analysis.
Prereq: SPAN 227
(WLU SP209/259-03)

SPAN 251A F 3C 0.5
Composition and Conversation 1
Intensive language study with the following objectives: to reinforce the study of oral and grammatical skills, with emphasis on creative compositions, oral presentations, class discussions and skilfull translations.
Prereq: SPAN 201B or consent of Department
(WLU SP211/261-30)

SPAN 251B W 3C 0.5
Composition and Conversation 2
A continuation of SPAN 251A.
Prereq: SPAN 251A
(WLU SP212/262-03)


SPAN 305 F
The Spanish Realist Novel
Study of the fundamental narrative techniques and ideology in some of the most representative realist novels of the 19th-century.
Prereq: SPAN 206
Offered at WLU
(WLU 305/355)

SPAN 322 F 2C 0.5
The Generation of U98: Fiction
A study of selected works of Valle Inclán, Azorín, Baroja and Unamuno.
Prereq: SPAN 206
(WLU 322/372)

SPAN 327 W 0.5
The Spanish Golden Age: Don Quijote
A literary analysis of Don Quijote through diverse criticism of the masterpiece.
Prereq: SPAN 206
Offered at WLU
(WLU 327/477)

SPAN 334 F 2C 0.5
Modern Latin American Prose
An in-depth study of selected prose masterpieces from Sarmiento to the 1930's. The political, social, cultural and educational motifs will be analyzed in detail. The question of the novel as a vehicle for social conscientization will also be studied.
(WLU 308/358)

SPAN 344 F,W 2T 0.5
Special Topics in Hispanic Studies
By special arrangements, an individual student or a small group of students will fllow a course of study under the supervision of a faculty member.
(WLU SP317/467-20)

SPAN 351A F 2C 0.5
Advanced Composition and Conversation 1
This course is aimed at intense development of written and oral skills. Written assignments emphasize grammatical style and structure; oral class conversations are based on selected themes or topics relating to Spain and Latin America.
Prereq: SPAN 251B
(WLU SP212/262-03)

SPAN 351B W 2C 0.5
Advanced Composition and Conversation 2
A continuation of SPAN 351A.
Prereq: SPAN 351A
(WLU SP302/352-02)

SPAN 387 W 2C 0.5
Latin American Women Writers
A study of selected works by women writers from the Baroque to the 20th-century. This course will focus on the artistic and literary quality of the selected material and on the analysis of valuable works that are not yet part of the traditional anthologies. Some of the authors studied are Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, Gabriela Mistral, Maria Luisa Bombal, Lydia Cabrera, Rosario Castellanos, Elena Garro, Luisa Valenzuela, Rosario Ferré, Elena Poniatowska and Isabel Allende.
Taught in English
(WLU 320-30/70-20)


SPAN 490 F 2C 0.5
This course is designed for students enrolled in third and fourth year of the General or Honours program in Spanish. Fluency in both Spanish and English is required. The objective of this course is to refine translation techniques in order to enable the student to reproduce an English text into accurate and idiomatic Spanish. Documents and texts selected for use include corporate and press materials, magazine articles, and some literary extracts.
Prereq: SPAN 351B or consent of the Department

SPAN 497 W 2C 0.5
The Novel in Latin America
A study of the 20th-century novel and its development from the 1930's to the present through representative authors. While special attention will be paid to the esthetic achievements of the Latin American novel in the last half century, the individual works will be analyzed for their value as the expression of social and historical reality.
Prereq: SPAN 228 or consent of Department
(WLU 329/479-20)


Latin American Studies

LATAM 221 F 3C 0.5
The Civilization of Mexico
A survey of Mexican civilization from the Aztecs to the present. The course will deal with such topics as history and politics, social and economic issues, architecture, literature, music, etc.
Taught in English

Courses not offered 1995-96
SPAN 111 Conversational Spanish
SPAN 203 Spanish Civilization 1
SPAN 204 Spanish Civilization 2
SPAN 217 Latin American Civilization 1
SPAN 266 The Latin American Short Story
SPAN 304 Romanticism in Spain
SPAN 311A Applied Spanish Stylistics 1
SPAN 311B Applied Spanish Stylistics 2
SPAN 324 Contemporary Spanish Theatre and Poetry
SPAN 325 Contemporary Spanish Novel
SPAN 326 The Spanish Golden Age Drama
SPAN 331 Contemporary Spanish Essay
SPAN 333 Modern Latin American Pose
SPAN 388 Contemporary Latin American Theatre
SPAN 445 History of the Spanish Language
SPAN 446 Medieval SpanishLiterature
SPAN 495 The Novel in Mexico

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