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Women's Studies

Undergraduate Officer
H.D. Lyons, PAS 3010, ext. 2880

W S 200 F 3C 0.5
Introduction to Women's Studies
An interdisciplinary survey introducing students to the questions which have been posed concerning the nature, roles, problems and accomplishments of women. The diversity as well as the commonalities of women's experience in Canada and elsewhere will be explored. Special attention will be given to changes in women's roles and expectations and the reflection of these changes in scholarship and the creative arts. Students will be introduced to the theoretical frameworks, methodologies and resources available for research in Women's Studies.
Prereq: none
W S 200 is the core course of the Option, Diploma and Major Programs

W S 300 W 3S 0.5
Seminar in Women's Studies
An examination of readings in Women's Studies from an interdisciplinary perspective. Special emphasis will be given to the principal concerns of feminism in Canada.
Prereq: W S 200 or consent of Director

W S 365A-D F,W,S, R 0.5
Special Topics in Women's Studies
A reading course permitting a student to work with any member of the faculty participating in Women's Studies at UW. To be arranged with the W S Director and the respective W S Faculty member.
Prereq: W S 200 or consent of Director

W S 475A-D F,W,S R 0.5
Directed Readings in Women's Studies
This course would offer the opportunity for independent study of specialized areas, theory and methodology, texts, discourses and writers of interest in the context of women's history, status and condition. The students would be under tutorial guidance by a faculty member(s) involved in the Women's Studies Option.
Prereq: W S 200 or consent of Director
Women's Studies approved courses are listed in the Interdisciplinary Options.

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