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Course Description Information

Each course description begins with a line of coding as shown in the sample below. The course numbers are prefixed by a course or subject abbreviation. The terms offered, number of hours per week, type of instruction and Rcredit weightS are displayed. For some courses, information concerning terms offered and type of instruction was not available at the time of publication.

Course description information in the Undergraduate Calendar is accurate as to intention at the time of publication. However, actual course content and the hours/type of instruction may vary somewhat from the listings in the Calendar. Furthermore, circumstances may warrant changes to the term(s) when courses are made available. To be assured of complete information for preregistration, students must consult the University Course Offerings List for the appropriate term, and any other information distributed by their Department/Faculty, as well as the Calendar, before arranging their programs of study.

The University reserves the right to require a student to withdraw from a course or courses for academic or other reasons.

The Senate and Board of Governors of the University of Waterloo reserve the right to invoke changes in this Calendar without prior notice.

Sample Course Description

              Course        Term(s)      Type of instruction    Credit weight
                            Offered      and number of          (See Note 1,  
                                         hours/wk                below)

              STAT 333      F,W,S        3C                     0.5

Course Name   Applied Probability

Course        Review of basic probability. Generating functions.
Description   Theory of recurrent events, Markov chains, Markov
              processes, and their applications.

Additional    Prereq: STAT 230, and third-year standing
about course


Terms Offered	                Type of Instruction          
F  Fall term                    C        lecture
S  Spring term                  L        laboratory
   (See Note 2, below)          T        tutorial
W  Winter term                  S        seminar
J  Summer, first half, July     D        discussion
A  Summer, second half,         R        reading course
   August                       wkshp    workshop
M  Summer, both terms,          std      studio
   July, August                 fldlab   field lab
                                P        practicum

Additional Information - Definitions

Courses with significant overlap. Degree credit cannot be obtained for both 
the antirequisite and the course(s) naming it as such.

A course required to be taken concurrently with, or passed prior to 
registration in, another course which lists it as a corequisite.

A course required to be passed prior to registration to another which lists it 
as a prerequisite. ("Consent of instructor" is sometimes listed as an 
alternative to or in addition to prerequisite.)

Cross-Listed Courses
Courses which are listed under two departments and which can be taken for 
credit from either department, but not both.

Note 1
For term courses with credit weights other than 0.5, students should consult their Faculty Advisor regarding how such courses are counted for degree credits in their particular program.

Note 2
For purposes of course selection, courses designated "S" (Spring) in the Course Description listings are normally those offered in the Spring term of the year following the Fall and Winter terms of the particular academic year.

Course Abbreviations

Course Course Name Abbreviation
Accounting ACC Actuarial Science ACTSC Anthropology ANTH Applied Mathematics AM Architecture ARCH Arts ARTS Biology BIOL Canadian Studies CDN ST Chemical Engineering CH E Chemistry CHEM Chinese CHINA Civil Engineering CIV E Classical Studies CLAS Combinatorics and Optimization C&O Computer Science CS Croatian CROAT Dance DANCE Drama and Speech Communication DRAMA Dutch DUTCH Earth Sciences EARTH East Asian Studies EASIA Economics ECON Electrical and Computer Engineering E&CE English ENGL Environment and Resource Studies ERS Environmental Engineering ENV E Environmental Studies ENV S Fine Arts FINE French FR General Engineering GEN E Geography GEOG Geological Engineering GEO E German GER Gerontology GERON Greek GRK Health Studies HLTH History HIST Independent Studies IS Interdisciplinary Social Science ISS Italian ITAL Japanese JAPAN Kinesiology KIN Korean KOREA Latin LAT Latin American Studies LATAM Management Sciences M SCI Mathematics MATH Mathematics Electives MTHEL Mechanical Engineering M E Middle East Studies MES Music MUSIC Native Studies NAT ST Optometry OPTOM Peace and Conflict Studies PACS Personality and Religion (Studies in) SIPAR Personnel Studies PERST Philosophy PHIL Physics PHYS Planning, Urban and Regional PLAN Polish POLSH Political Science PSCI Psychology PSYCH Pure Math PMATH Recreation and Leisure Studies REC Religious Studies RS Russian RUSS Science SCI Sexuality, Marriage and the Family SMF Social Work SOCWK Society, Technology and Values STV Sociology SOC Spanish SPAN Statistics STAT Systems Design Engineering SY DE Ukrainian UKRAN Women's Studies W S
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