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All Year One students enrol in September. These students spend the Fall term together at the University, after which they are divided into two groups. They also complete the last term of the program and graduate together. Both groups have the same total time on campus and in industry, one group having two academic terms in sequence at the start of the program and the other having two academic terms in sequence at the end of the program. Precise dates for the beginning and end of the various terms are shown in the Academic Calendar.

Environmental Engineering (both Chemical and Civil branches), Geological Engineering and Systems Design Engineering students start in September with four months of school (Stream 4) before going out on the first work term in January. Computer Engineering students start in September with eight months of school (Stream 8) before their first work term which starts in May. Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering students may be either Stream 4 or Stream 8.

The admission categories, requirements and procedures for all programs are outlined in "Admissions" of this Calendar. The following emphasize some of the admission requirements which relate specifically to the Faculty of Engineering.

Applicants from Ontario Secondary Schools

Applicants must present six Ontario Academic Course credits, five of which are required courses. See the Admission Requirements chart in "Admissions" for information about admission requirements. Applicants with high overall standing who are missing any of the required courses must contact the Director of Admissions for Engineering no later than December (for the next September admission). Applicants will be evaluated and advised on possible courses of action required to meet the specific requirements.


Admission as an Adult Student

Applicants must obtain standing in the Ontario Academic Courses: Calculus, Algebra & Geometry, Physics, Chemistry and English 1 or their equivalent. The University has developed special pre-university mathematics, physics and chemistry courses which can be taken by distance education and which are recommended for Adult Students. To discuss admissibility and appropriate qualifying studies, applicants are advised to contact the Director of Admissions for the Faculty of Engineering in the fall of the year prior to entering Year One.


Admission to Advanced Standing

Admission beyond 1A is limited to applicants who have an academic and work experience background that is judged equivalent to the particular class he or she would join. Due to the co-operative nature of the Engineering program, no student will be admitted above year three, term A level. Any student thus admitted will be required to register in the January term and to complete satisfactorily the final four academic terms and the final three University of Waterloo work terms and work reports.

Credit for previous work experience can be applied only to those work terms preceding the level of admission and cannot exceed three work terms.


WHMIS Requirements

All students in the Faculty of Engineering, indeed all students taking courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering, must have appropriate instruction on issues of safety. The Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) training satisfies this requirement. Except for students in the 1A term registered in the Faculty of Engineering, this requirement must be satisfied by the end of the first week of lectures of the term, or the registration of the student in Engineering courses will be cancelled. The requirement is satisfied by obtaining a credit for WHMIS training, which only need be obtained once. Credit may be granted upon producing evidence that appropriate training has been undertaken elsewhere. For those who do not have a WHMIS credit, they must arrange for the necessary instruction and evaluation.

For students in their 1A term in an Engineering program, the WHMIS requirement will normally be met as part of their instruction during the 1A term. It is the student's responsibility, however, to obtain this training. For students who are admitted at an advanced level, a condition of admission will be that the WHMIS credit be obtained by the end of the first week of lectures for the first term of study in the program; the credit can be obtained as described in the above paragraph.

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