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The Co-operative Engineering Program

The preparation for an engineering career includes both formal academic studies at a university and intensive training in the practice of engineering. A similar pattern is to be found in preparation for careers in medicine or law, and is characteristic of any development of professional competence. The Co-operative Engineering program at the University of Waterloo provides a completely integrated pattern of academic study and industrial experience in various phases of engineering with ultimate graduation requiring satisfactory performance in both areas. The degree program covers almost five calendar years, comprising eight terms each of about four months' duration of university work on campus which are pursued alternately with six four-month terms of supervised training in the practical experiences fundamental to the development of the graduate engineer. The total time spent in study is the same as that encountered in the usual course of four "academic years".

The Engineering curricula at the University of Waterloo provide a sound basis in Mathematics and pure Science and in Engineering Science and Design. A substantial part of the work of the first and second years is common to all programs. Students elect one of the seven principal programs of Engineering starting with the first year. The curriculum for each of the seven basic programs combines required "core" subjects essential to the field, and "elective" subjects permitting considerable diversity in individual programs of study. An important part of the curriculum is a series of electives in Complementary Studies.

A more detailed explanation of the Co-operative program is given in "Co-operative Educations and Career Services", as well as specific requirements as noted under the examinations and promotions sectionof this chapter.

Change of Term Sequence

Term sequence changes are considered by the Faculty in which the student is enrolled. Application, in the form of a letter from the student (supported by an employer and/or a Co-ordinator) must be made to the appropriate Assistant Registrar. For some Faculties, an appropriate application form must be completed. Normally the request should be made within the first two weeks of the term preceding the switch point. In addition, the student's academic performance must be "in good standing". It should be noted that the student's academic program may be restricted due to lack of choice of core or elective subjects during particular terms.


The Degree of Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) is awarded by the University in the following undergraduate programs:
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering (Chemical Branch)
Environmental Engineering (Civil Branch)
Geological Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Systems Design Engineering

The Degrees of Master of Applied Science (MASc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) are also awarded in Engineering. For further details, consult the Graduate Studies Calendar and the list of the particular courses in graduate work in the various departments.

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