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Management Sciences

The Department of Management Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, was established in 1969 as a graduate department and has subsequently extended its activities to undergraduate programs. The management sciences are concerned with the application of scientific methods in the resolution of complex problems facing management of both private and public sector organizations.

The present activities of the department are:

  1. the pursuit of advanced research in selected fields of the management sciences;
  2. the provision of post-graduate courses of instruction for people who want to achieve high professional qualifications; and
  3. the provision of undergraduate courses in the management sciences for students registered in the Faculties of Engineering and Mathematics.

Active faculty engagement in advanced research, as well as experience in professional practice, is considered essential to the development of adequate courses of instruction. The research activities of the faculty members include applied operations research, information systems and the management of technology.

Degrees Conferred

The Department confers degrees only at the graduate level (the MASc and PhD).


The Option in Management Sciences

The Management Sciences Option is available to students in the following departments:
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Geological Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Systems Design Engineering

The Option in Management Sciences is structured to provide an understanding of the issues, concepts and techniques related to managerial problems, particularly those concerned with the management of technology. Students acquire skills which should help widen the scope of their immediate employment. Those taking the Option may advance to the MASc in Management Sciences within three academic terms following the completion of the BASc.

The option consists of seven courses (see course descriptions in Chapter 16). F - fall, W - winter, S - spring

Four required courses or their equivalents:
M SCI 251 Probability and Statistics (F,W) equivalents CH E 022, CIV E 224, E&CE 316, ME 202, SY DE 213
M SCI 261 Managerial and Engineering Economics 1 (W,S) equivalents CH E 044, CIV E 292, SY DE 231
+ M SCI 211 Organizational Behaviour (F,W,S) equivalent to PSYCH 338
M SCI 331 Operations Research 1 (F,W,S) equivalent to SY DE 311

Plus at least two of the following or equivalents:
M SCI 452 Decision Making Under Uncertainty (W) equivalents SY DE 214, SY DE 334
+ M SCI 461 Managerial and Engineering Economics 2 (S,F)
M SCI 431 Operations Research 2 (W) equivalent to SY DE 511
M SCI 432 Introduction to Production Management (F,W,S)
+ M SCI 311 Organizational Design and Technology (F,W)
M SCI 441 Management of Information Systems (W)

and at most one of the following courses:
+ ACC 371 Managerial Finance 1
CS 330 Management Information Systems (may not be taken with M SCI 441)
+ ECON 201 Microeconomic Theory
+ GEN E 452 Technical Entrepreneurship
STAT 335 Statistical Process Control

+ These courses can be counted as part of the Complementary Studies requirements.

There are many possible course combinations that could be selected depending on which aspects of the Management Sciences the student wishes to focus. Students who wish to develop business skills should consider including either ACC 371 or GEN E 452 in their program.

For the designation "Option in Management Sciences" to be shown on the transcript the student must achieve 50% in each course taken in the Option and an overall cumulative average of 60% in these courses.

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