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Faculty of Environmental Studies


The Faculty of Environmental Studies is composed of the Department of Environment and Resource Studies, Department of Geography, School of Architecture and School of Urban and Regional Planning. As a whole and within these units, the Faculty concentrates on using diverse knowledge and methods from different disciplines to understand human relationships with both built and natural environments. The Faculty utilizes the best of traditional teaching methods combined with innovative techniques to explore the many contemporary issues in environmental studies.

Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning are professional schools and, therefore, are vocation oriented. Through the Faculty of Environmental Studies, they are integrated into the mainstream of the University's concern with mankind and the environment, through the two main thrusts of research and practical applications.

The academic departments, Environment and Resource Studies and Geography, have the interaction of people with the environment as their core. Both the Environment and Resource Studies and Geography Departments are interdisciplinary in nature and interact with many fields of study and research from the Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering.

One of the innovative aspects of the Faculty of Environmental Studies is the high degree of interaction among its four units. Faculty members in each School or Department participate in the programs of the other units. Interaction with other parts of the University is also fostered, and joint appointments of faculty members with other Faculties and Schools/Departments have been made. Students are not only free to, but are encouraged to, choose courses from across the whole University.

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