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Associate Professor, Director, The School of Architecture
E.R.M. Haldenby, BES, BArch (Waterloo), Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Officer
D. McKay, BArch (Toronto)

Associate Professor, Associate Director (Rome)
L. Pignatti, BArch (Rome), MArch (Toronto)

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
L.A. Cummings, AB (Washington), AM (Missouri), PhD (Washington), Recipient of the OCUF (Ontario) Teaching Award

A. Banerji, BArch (Calcutta), MArch (North Dakota State)
L.W. Richards, BArch (Miiami, Ohio), MArch (Yale), OAA, MRAIC
R.M. Schuster,1 BS, MS (North Dakota State), PhD (Iowa State), PEng
F. Thompson, BArch, MArch (Toronto), OAA, MRAIC

Associate Professors
M. Elmitt, National Diploma in Design (High Wycombe)
B.R. Hunt, AA Dip (London), RIBA, OAA, MRAIC
D.B. McIntyre, BArch (Toronto), MRAIC
R.J. van Pelt, Cand.Lit., Drs.Lit., D.Lit. (Leiden)
T. Seebohm,2 BEng, MEng, PhD (McGill), MArch (California, Berkeley), OAA, PEng
R. Sliwka, DipArch Assoc Arch (Huddersfield), MArch and U Design (Washington), RIBA
R. Wiljer, BA (Waterloo), MA (Ottawa)

Assistant Professors
R. Andrighetti, BES, BArch (Waterloo)
T. Meyer Boake, BES, BArch (Waterloo), MArch (Toronto)
M.L. Lobsinger, BES, BArch (Waterloo)
M.P. Macdonald, BArch (TUNS), DESS (Paris VIII), OAQ
D. Revington, AA Dip (London)
V. Rynnimeri, BES, BArch (Waterloo)

Adjunct Faculty
S. Arnold, BA (S. Illinois)
J. Ferguson, MASc (Waterloo), PEng
W. Gastmeier, BSc, MASc (Waterloo), PEng
L. Hunt, BES, BArch (Waterloo), OAA
W. Lamb, BArch (McGill), FRAIC
S. Mannell, BES, BArch (Waterloo), OAA
L. Rapoport, BES, BArch (Waterloo)
P. Syme, BArch (Toronto), OAA
P. Westbrook, BTech (Ryerson)


Faculty Members of Architecture holding cross and/or joint appointments to:

1 Civil Engineering
2 Fine Arts