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Professor, Department Chair
F.R.W. McCourt,1 BSc, PhD (British Columbia)

Professor, Associate Department Chair
R.G. Woolford, BSc, MSc (Western Ontario), PhD (Illinois), FCIC

Associate Professors, Undergraduate Officers
L.J. Brubacher, BA (Goshen College, Indiana), PhD (Northwestern)
M.F. Tchir, BSc (Alberta), PhD (Western Ontario), Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award
G.E. Toogood, BSc, PhD (Nottingham), CChem, FRSC(UK), FCIC

Professor, Graduate Officer
J.W. Hepburn,1 BSc (Waterloo), PhD (Toronto), FCIC

Associate Professor, Graduate Officer
M.J. Chong, BSc, PhD (British Columbia)

Professor (University of Waterloo), Director of the Guelph-Waterloo Centre for Graduate Work in Chemistry
P.F. Bernath,1 BSc (Waterloo), PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Professor, President of National Research Council Canada
A.J. Carty, BSc, PhD (Nottingham), FRSC, FCIC

Distinguished Professors Emeriti
F.W. Karasek, BS (Elmhurst), PhD (Oregon State), FCIC
W.A.E. McBryde, MA (Toronto), PhD (Virginia), FCIC
W.B. Pearson, DFC, MA, DSc (Oxford), DSc (Waterloo), FRSC, FCIC
A. Rudin, BSc (Alberta), PhD (Northwestern), FRSC

Professor, NSERC/Monsanto Industrial Research Chair in Chemical Synthesis and Biomolecule Design
V.A. Snieckus, BSc (Alberta), MS (California, Berkeley), PhD (Oregon), FRSC, FCIC

Associate Professor, NSERC/Novacor Industrial Research Chair in Polyolefin and Catalyst Technology
S. Collins, BSc, PhD (Calgary)

P.C. Chieh, BSc (Nat. Taiwan), MSc (Nat. Tsing Hua), PhD (British Columbia)
J. Cizek,3 RNDr (Charles University, Prague), CSc (Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague), FRSC
R.G.H. Downer,5 BSc, MSc (Queen's, Belfast), PhD (Western Ontario), DSc (Belfast), FRSC, Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award
D.E. Irish, BSc (Western Ontario), MSc (McMaster), PhD (Chicago), FCIC, Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, OCUFA Teaching Award
R.J. LeRoy, BSc, MSc (Toronto), PhD (Wisconsin), FCIC
W.K. Liu,6 BSc, MS, PhD (Illinois)
T.B. Marder, BSc (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), PhD (California, Los Angeles)
T.B. McMahon, BSc (Alberta), PhD (California Institute of Technology)
J.B. Moffat, BA, PhD (Toronto), FCIC
J. Paldus,3 RNDr (Charles University, Prague), CSc (Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague), FRSC
L.W. Reeves, BSc, PhD, DSc (Bristol), FRSC, FCIC
G.L. Rempel,4 BSc, PhD (British Columbia), FRSC, FCIC
J.J. Sloan,1 BSc, PhD (Queen's)
J.E. Thompson,5 BSA (Toronto), PhD (Alberta), FRSC
T. Viswanatha,2 MSc, PhD (Mysore), Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award

Associate Professors
G.I. Dmitrienko, BSc, PhD (Toronto)
R.J. Friesen, BSc, MSc (Manitoba)
J.F. Honek, BSc, PhD (McGill)
G.A. Lajoie, BSc (Sherbrooke), PhD (McGill)
K.T. Leung,1 BSc, PhD (British Columbia)
D. Mackay, BSc, PhD (Aberdeen)
L.F. Nazar,1 BSc (British Columbia), PhD (Toronto)
J. Pawliszyn, BSc, MS (Technical University of Gdansk, Poland), PhD (Southern Illinois, Carbondale)
A. Penlidis,4 Dipl Eng (Thessaloniki), PhD (McMaster), PEng

Assistant Professors
M. Barra, BSc, PhD (Argentina)
B.M. Greenberg,5 BSc (California, Berkeley), PhD (Colorado)
M. Gauthier, BSc, PhD (McGill)
M.M. Gugelchuk, BSc, PhD (Ohio State)
J.G. Guillemette, BSc, PhD (Toronto)
V. Karanassios, BSc (Thessaloniki), PhD (Alberta)
E.M. Meiering, BSc (Waterloo), PhD (Cambridge)
W.P. Power, BSc, PhD (Dalhousie)

Adjunct Faculty
B.D. Aguda, BSc (Philippines), PhD (Alberta), Laurentian University
G.F. Atkinson, MA, PhD (Toronto), CChem, FRSC(UK), FCIC, (Professor Emeritus)
D.A. Brisbin, BSc (Alberta), PhD (Toronto), (Professor Emeritus)
I. Hamilton, BSc, PhD (Toronto), Wilfrid Laurier University
F.W. Hartstock, BSc, MSc (Waterloo), PhD (Ottawa), Wilfrid Laurier University
S. Hawthorne, BS, MS (South Dakota), PhD (Colorado), University of North Dakota
H.G. McLeod, MA, PhD (Toronto), (Professor Emeritus)
N.C. Norman, BSc, PhD (Bristol)
K.F. O'Driscoll, BChE (Pratt Institute), MA, PhD (Princeton) FCIC (Professor Emeritus)
A.J. Paine, BSc (Saskatchewan), PhD (McMaster), Xerox Research Centre of Canada
R.G.A. Rodrigo, BA (Ceylon), PhD (Nottingham), Wilfrid Laurier University
H.D. Sharma, MSc (Delhi), PhD (California), FCIC, (Professor Emeritus)
N.J. Taylor, BSc, PhD (Surrey)
I.D. Williams, BSc, PhD (Bristol), Penn State

Senior Demonstrators
S.O. de Silva, BSc (Ceylon), PhD (Waterloo)
J.J. Fisher, BSc, MSc, PhD (Waterloo)
S. Forsey, BSc, MSc (Waterloo)
S.M. Harvey, BSc (Olivet Nazarene University, Illinois)
T. Rudensky, BSc, PhD (Waterloo)


Faculty Members of Chemistry holding cross appointments to:

1 Physics
2 Biology

Faculty Members holding cross appointments to Chemistry from:

3 Applied Mathematics
4 Chemical Engineering
5 Biology
6 Physics