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Environmental Studies

The following persons have wide ranging interests and hence have been appointed to the Faculty of Environmental Studies rather than to a specific Department and/or School: Associate Professors
E. Carvalho,2 BA, MA, PhD (Waterloo)
R.T. Newkirk,3 BA, MSc, PhD (Western Ontario)

Assistant Professors
M.C. Delfgaauw,1 BEcon (Amsterdam) MA, PhD (Waterloo)

Adjunct Faculty
K. Elliott, Diploma Creative Arts
S. Garrod,1 BA (McMaster), LLB, MES (York)
P. Pickfield,1 BA (Western Ontario), LLB (Queen's), LLM (Osgoode Hall)
C. Rubec, BSc (Queen's), MSc (McMaster)
L. Smith, BA, MA (Waterloo)
S. Snider,1 BES (Waterloo), LLB (Osgoode Hall)


Faculty Members of Environmental Studies holding cross and/or joint appointments to:

1 Planning

Faculty Members holding cross and/or joint appointments to Environmental Studies from:

2 Economics
3 Planning