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French Studies/Études françaises

Professor, Department Chair
D.W. Russell, BA, MA, PhD (Toronto)

Professor, Undergraduate Officer
A. Ages, BA (Carleton), MA, PhD (Ohio State)

Associate Professor, Graduate Officer
W.D. Wilson, MA, PhD (Trinity College, Dublin)

Associate Professors
C.A. Abbott, BA, MA, PhD (Ohio State), J
P.H. Dubé, BA, MA (Toronto), PhD (Ohio State)
J.R. Dugan, BA, MA (Toronto), PhD (Yale)
H.S. Fournier, BA (Toronto), MA, PhD (Western Ontario)
R.J. Fournier, BA, MA, PhD (Western Ontario)
R.W. Ryan, BA, MA (Dalhousie), Doctorat de 3e cycle (Université de Provence)
P.G. Socken, BA (Toronto), MA (Iowa), PhD (Toronto)

Assistant Professor
A.M. Miraglia, BA, MA, PhD (Toronto)

Language Instructors
P. Aplevich, BA, MA (Waterloo)
C. Black, Licence ès lettres (Grenoble), MA (Waterloo), Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award
H. McLenaghan, Licence en Phil. Rom. (Brussels), MA (Waterloo), PhD (Western Ontario)
T. Sabaryn, Licence ès lettres (Toulouse), Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award


'J' refers to
Faculty members at St. Jerome's College