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Management Sciences

Associate Professor, Department Chair
J.D. Fuller, BSc (Queen's), MSc, PhD (British Columbia)

Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
F. Safayeni, BS (Idaho), MSc, PhD (Victoria)

Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
N.M Fraser, BASc, MASc, PhD (Waterloo), PEng

Associate Professor, BNR-BC Tel-NSERC/SSHRC Chair in Management of Technological Change
P.D. Guild, BA (Waterloo), MA (Carleton), DPhil (Oxford)

J.H. Bookbinder, MBA (Toronto), MS, PhD (California, San Diego), Director of Waterloo Management of Integrated Manufacturing Systems Research Group (WATMIMS)
M.J. Magazine, BS (City College of New York), MS (New York University), MEng, PhD (Florida), PEng
S.D. Saleh, BA (Cairo), MA, PhD (Case Western Reserve)
G.N. Soulis,1 BASc (Toronto), PEng, (Professor Emeritus)*
R.G. Vickson, BSc (British Columbia), PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Associate Professors
I. Bernhardt, BA (New York), PhD (California, Berkeley)
D.M. Dilts,2 BS (California Polytechnic), MBA, PhD (Oregon)
Y. Gerchak, BA, MSc (Tel-Aviv), PhD (British Columbia)
E.M. Jewkes, BSc (St. Francis Xavier), MBA (Calgary), PhD (Waterloo)
J.B. Moore, BASc (Toronto), MMath, PhD (Waterloo), PEng
J. Webster, BSc (Guelph), MStat (North Carolina), MBA (Saint Mary's), PhD (New York)

Assistant Professors
T. Astebro, MSc (Chalmers Institute), PhD (Carnegie Mellon)
C.G. Blake, BASc (Waterloo), MS (Johns Hopkins), PhD (Waterloo), PEng

Adjunct Faculty
J.A. Buzacott, BSc, BE (Sydney), MSc, PhD (Birmingham)
D.W. Conrath, BA (Stanford), MS (Carnegie Tech), MA, PhD (California, Berkeley), PEng
D. Gerwin, BS (Carnegie-Mellon), MS (Case Western), PhD (Carnegie-Mellon)
K.N. McKay, BMath, MASc, PhD (Waterloo)
L. Purdy, BASc, MASc, PhD (Waterloo)
Y. Wu, BASc, MASc (China Textile University), PhD (Waterloo)


Faculty Member of Management Sciences holding cross appointment to:

1 Systems Design Engineering
2 School of Optometry
*Also has Adjunct appointment