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(See also Applied Mathematics, Combinatorics and Optimization, Computer Science, Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science.) Associate Professors
P.C. Brillinger, BA (McMaster), MA (Waterloo)
J.S. Devitt, BSc (Calgary), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Waterloo), (part-time)

Assistant Professor
C. Hewitt, BSc, MSc (Aberdeen), PhD (Waterloo)

Lecturers, Faculty of Mathematics
L.E. Davidson, BSc (Toronto)
R.G. Dunkley, BA (Western)
B.A. Ferguson, BMath, MMath (Waterloo), BEd (Western)
R. Malinowski, BEd (Western), BMath, MMath (Waterloo)
R.G. Scoins, BA (Western), MMath (Waterloo), (Director of Co-op Teaching)

Adjunct Lecturers
E. Anderson, BA (McMaster)
R.G.R. Lawrence, QC, LLB (Toronto), Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award